Here are some words you won’t see alongside “ISIS” in news headlines: Thank God for the war in Syria; it brought us to Jesus.

A pastor in Lebanon shares with an Open Doors USA reporter that he’s heard this sentiment through the work his church is doing to help Syrian refugees. 

In Your Dreams

The war ISIS is waging in Syria is waking many to serious doubts about Islam. But some are getting answers while they sleep—literally. Like Amir and Rasha. Their conversion stories include dreams where they saw Jesus. 

Rasha says she was eight months pregnant when Jesus appeared to her while she was sleeping. He said, “I am Christ,” and announced they would have a baby girl. Christina was born a month later. 

Amir, Rasha’s husband, had a similar dream around the same time. He saw Jesus, dressed in white—just as in Rasha’s dream—announcing Himself as Savior. 

In their dreams, Jesus seemed clear enough to Amir and Rasha that they gave up their Islamic customs and became Christians. Now, even though they fear for their lives, they don’t seem worried about the future. 

“The most important thing is that we know Jesus Christ as our Savior…He protects us. God is with us. God will resolve our situation,” Amir told Open Doors USA.

In fact, Muslims are coming to Jesus “in unprecedented numbers” all over the Middle East reports Open Doors USA, though their stories aren’t as visible as the shocking and heartbreaking ISIS headlines. 

Sometimes that’s for the better.

Most, if not all, Christians whose Muslim families know about their conversions have been rejected, and many families would kill their children, siblings or parents if they knew of their conversion from Islam.

Karima and Fadi Meet Jesus

Like Karima and Fadi, refugees from Aleppo. Both converted to Christianity—Karima because of miracles she saw in her own life and Fadi because he simply read the New Testament and studied Jesus. Karina’s family are conservative Muslim Shiites. They would kill her if they knew of her conversion. Fadi’s parents have already rejected him, and two people attacked him because of his conversation. That attack damaged his eye. 

Now Karima and Fadi are living in Lebanon, helping teach Syrian refugee children while they wait for visas to move to a western country. Returning to Syria as Christian converts is not an option for them; a normal life would be impossible, Fadi says. 

But for people like Karima and Fadi, Jesus means more to them than rejection and even the threat of death.

God might not show up in the media headlines next to “ISIS” or “Syrian Refugee Crisis” or “War in the Middle East.” But that doesn’t mean He isn’t there. 

Just ask Karima, Fadi, Amir and Rasha.

This story originally appeared on The TN Valley Community Journal, a publication of Shattered Media, Inc.