Tapan Ghosh came to home to a large group of people in front of his house in West Bengal, India. The crowd parted and he saw her. His wife had been hanged, her body still swinging from the tree.

Two years earlier, Tapan had been extremely ill and his family was told he would die. When a leader from a church that Doulos Partners supports heard of his illness, he asked to pray over him, and Tapan’s family agreed. Soon, Tapan was healed and after his miraculous recovery, he became a Christian. And after leading his wife to Jesus as well, they began sharing the Gospel with others.

Then came the real trouble.

Tapan and his wife were both persecuted verbally by their families, demanding they recant their newfound faith. But they refused to be bullied and continued to preach the Gospel.

But he never thought it would come to this—seeing his wife’s body swinging, lifeless.

Tapan discovered his wife had been killed by both his parents and her parents—because of their faith.

Becoming New Family 

But Tapan was undeterred; he was reminded that God had not given him a spirit of anger, resentment or retaliation. And, as God had extended mercy, grace, and forgiveness to him, he was to extend it to his wife’s killers—even if they were his own family.

To his family’s amazement, Tapan forgave them all. Over the next three years, as a result of Tapan’s obedience to Jesus through his forgiveness, he led 23 of his family members—including his parents and in-laws—to Jesus. He even baptized them into the Greatest Family.

Since joining Doulos Partners, Tapan has been involved in planting 137 churches. His story is just one of many displaying the incredible glory of God that saves lives for eternity. The church planting organizations that Doulos Partners support are committed to making disciples of Jesus in unreached areas of the world—making more and more of these stories possible.

Doulos Partners works with existing church planting ministries who have deep relationships with nationals around the world. One hundred percent of the evangelical work, from national level leadership to one-on-one gospel sharing, is done by nationals in their own countries. This eliminates many obstacles faced by US missionaries around the world in gaining trust, navigating customs, and learning new cultures.

We serve as a mission’s mutual fund, sending resources where they will get the greatest return on investment. If you partner with Doulos, 100% of your donation goes directly to church planting work on the ground. Together, we supply church planters and lay persons-in-training with resources, education, accountability, and support.