Patricia’s Story

When Patricia was still a young child, her parents initiated her into their religion. It wasn’t a communion or a baptism, though. Her mother and her father took their daughter to the basement of their home, where they had constructed a wooden altar. Other family members and friends were gathered around. Patricia saw a pentagram painted on the floor, and she could hear people chanting in another language. They pinned her down and raped her that night. It was a ritual her parents believed would tie her to Satan for the rest of her life, she told CBN.

Patricia was only 5 years old.

It wasn’t a one-time event, either. For the rest of her childhood, Patricia was required to participate in horrifying rituals.

“I felt like I was living a constant horror movie,” Patricia said in an interview.

When she was 13, she ran away, hoping for a happier life. But she couldn’t escape her dark upbringing. She read tarot cards and tried to talk to spirits, but they always told her to kill herself.

After several suicide attempts, she agreed to go to church with a friend. It would be hard to reverse the years and years of thinking about God in a negative way, though.

“I wanted peace. I wanted to be happy, but I didn’t know how to get it because I was afraid of God,” Patricia told CBN. “I hated God. I didn’t — wanted nothing to do with Him. I was searching to be safe. I was searching for peace. I was searching to be loved.”

And at that service, she was overwhelmed with Jesus’ presence. She raised her hands in worship, but then she felt something jerk her shoulder, trying to get her hands down. She believes it was an evil spirit. Patricia refused to give in and kept her hands raised as she prayed for peace.

She started reading the Bible and found some of the characters so relatable — the woman at the well and the woman who was about to be stoned, in particular. She could identify with their rebelliousness, and she learned Jesus loved them no matter what they had done.

Today Patricia understands no one is too far lost that Jesus can’t reach them.

“If He can take someone like me who was into the occult so deep, into that darkness so deep, who was trapped by the enemy, and pull her up out of that hole — that pit of hell — and bring her into the light, He can do that for anyone,” Patricia said. “Anyone. I don’t care how deep they are into the occult, He can pull you out.”

Nancy Dunn

Sadly, Patricia’s story isn’t unique. Around the same time she was going through satanic rituals, another girl was suffering too. Nancy Dunn’s childhood looked normal to anyone who knew her. Her mother was a doctor, and her father worked in aerospace. But what no one knew was that her father was a satanic priest — following the 25-generation, family line of satanists who came before him.

As soon as Nancy hit puberty, she was impregnated for the first time and carried the child to term. To avoid any paper trail or record, midwives delivered the babies born into the occult — babies who were then sacrificed to Satan, Nancy said. She was repeatedly raped by her father and other men throughout her childhood, just so she could continue to provide sacrificial babies. In all, she knows she lost at least 10 children to the satanists, she told CBN.

She missed weeks of school, but her parents just called the school and told them everything was okay at home. It was a different time back then.

One time, a neighbor took her to church. Her parents only let her go because it was an Olympic-themed event with sports and kids playing together. But there, one of the ladies told her about Jesus for the first time.

“As she shared that Jesus was God’s Son who had died for my sin and could give me eternal life, a sense of hope came over me,” Nancy said. “For the first time in my life, I knew there was a way of salvation for me.”

The child abuse continued until Nancy was 18 and got married. It was a short-lived marriage, though, and the couple soon divorced. She spiraled into a life of promiscuity and ended up pregnant again at 21.

This time, however, she had an abortion.

The guilt she felt was crippling. Nancy wanted a relationship with God, but she didn’t know how. Her self-esteem had been wrecked throughout the years and years of abuse, and Nancy simply didn’t understand how God could love or forgive her.

She sought out counseling to help her figure out her faith, but the counselor diagnosed her with dissociative identity disorder — she had created multiple personalities to cope with the trauma of her childhood. In time, Nancy began remembering more memories she had blocked out.

“Satanists are an organized group; they even have a satanic calendar dictating what type of ritual should happen when,” Nancy said. … “They attempt to control and destroy lives through a systematic dehumanization of the soul.”

A year after she started treatment, Nancy went to a church one Sunday as they were preparing to receive communion. It was confusing. She had grown up drinking human blood as part of the satanic rituals, but now the church was telling her the communion wine was the blood of Jesus.

“I heard the Lord speak to me,” Patricia told CBN. “He said, ‘If you will drink of my blood and eat of my body, I will heal you from everything the enemy has done to you.’ So I took communion, and everything changed.”

It was a life-changing moment, and Nancy went on to forgive her father. He was dying by then, stuck in the ICU, and Nancy went to see him to ask if he knew Jesus. He told her, just before she had arrived, he’d said the sinner’s prayer with a neighbor. He said it with Nancy one more time and died less than a minute later.

Today Nancy works as an advocate for children who have been abused. She no longer has multiple personalities and credits God with healing her.

Both Patricia and Nancy started life surrounded by death and evil. While they spent their formative years being taught how powerful Satan was, they eventually found something even more powerful in God.

These two women are proof: God will always triumph. Satan will always lose.

And in this story, he lost three times.