Lee laid in a hospital bed in Northern Ireland, his lungs slowly killing him from COVID-19. Cut off from the rest of the world to prevent the spread of the virus, his isolation left him with depression on top of his illness. 

“I was under incredible pressure … but I remember those nights particularly, really crying out to the Lord and asking Him to help me, and even supernaturally to do something that would encourage me and bring me through,” Lee said. 

His family, friends and even his pastor remained banned from seeing him, but God knew he needed someone to help him along. So He sent Lee a custodian. 

At first, the two men just chatted — the usual small talk that occurs between strangers — but it soon turned into something more meaningful. 

“He was like a ray of sunshine,” Lee said. 

As the custodian left, he mentioned it wasn’t his first time talking about Jesus — he had previously lived as a missionary in Nigeria before he moved to Ireland. 

“He began to tell me how God had saved many, many souls through his ministry,” Lee said.

Like the rest of the world, Northern Ireland continues fighting hard against the coronavirus. At the time of publication, there were 7,000 deaths in the UK, and Lee could have easily been one more. 

He asked God for some encouragement, and God sent it in the form of a hospital custodian. The man prayed over Lee before he left, asking God to take care of Lee throughout the illness. 

That night when the custodian visited Lee, his health started turning around. 

“When God needs to reach you, He knows exactly who is the right person,” Lee said. “And in that moment of time, it was a cleaner. No one else could get in, God sent a cleaner.”

Their relationship didn’t stop there. After he left that night, Lee prayed for someone to bring him a Coke and a bag of chips. The very next day — without ever asking him — the custodian brought a bag of chips, a Coke and two oranges during his visit with Lee.

“It’s a gift from the Lord,” the custodian told Lee as he handed him the care package. 

Lee recovered from COVID-19 and vowed to tell his story to anyone who would listen. 

“God knows our every need,” Lee said. “He knows every desire. … He knows the deepest desires of our hearts.” 

No matter what you’re dealing with, remember God knows the desires of your heart — whether it’s physical healing or a bag of chips.