Brie Marie Adkins didn’t know what created her, but she wanted whoever or whatever it was to uncreate her. 

“I literally wanted to die,” Brie said. “Like, I did not want to be on the planet anymore.” 

Early Influences

Growing up, Brie didn’t believe in anything. Her parents didn’t tell her about any god, any religion or any faith. She wondered where she came from, why she was created and what her purpose was. 

When she was only 7, Brie started practicing witchcraft. Inspired by “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” she researched spells on the internet and tried to influence boys in her class to like her. 

As she grew up, she experimented with psychedelics and shrooms and called herself an agnostic; she knew there was a force out there, but she wasn’t sure what it was. She rejected Jesus more than once, made fun of Christians, and said she “ran His name through the dirt multiple times.” She told Christians they were brainwashed, programmed to believe something because they couldn’t do life on their own. 

In essence, she was right. We can’t do life on our own, and that’s why we need a savior. 

But Brie wasn’t doing life on her own real well, either. She just wasn’t looking for a savior. She was looking for death. 

Saved By A Savior She Didn’t Believe In  

Her first romantic relationship turned toxic, and that made Brie want to kill herself. 

She sat on the floor, crying and scratching her face until it bled, begging whoever or whatever it was that created her to take her off the planet. Two competing thoughts ravaged her mind: One said to take her own life, the other said not to, and she had a choice to make. 

That was the first time she realized she could choose what to think about, and she could be in control of her thoughts. 

“Something happened … and with this euphoric power that took hold of me,” Brie said, “I didn’t know that it was Jesus, but now I know that it was Jesus that literally cradled me into this blanket.” 

She didn’t know what this overwhelming feeling was, but her tears of sadness immediately turned into tears of joy, and everything was okay. She didn’t want to die anymore. 

Instead of turning to faith, Brie was intrigued by the idea of controlling her thoughts, so she googled and landed at the University of Metaphysics. She delved deeper into New Age theology and began learning about transcendental meditation, opening the third eye, aliens and witchcraft. 

She thought she could tap into alien minds, and they would instruct her what to do with her life. If they didn’t answer, she would swing a pendulum over several options and take whatever path the pendulum crossed over. 

After a while, she wanted more from the aliens, so while she was living in Massachusetts, she got a Facebook message from a man in California telling her she wasn’t from this world. She was eager to believe him. He said she wasn’t from Earth, but rather she was a dragon priestess from another planet.

A Dragon Priestess?

He bought her a plane ticket across the country so he could “download” her with information. The man believed there were only seven who were from this planet, and the “tribe” lived together so they could coordinate their plans to “wake people up.” 

They would go places together, attempting to recruit strangers to join their tribe, and then return to their home to do blood rituals for the Earth. They also did psychedelic drugs and marijuana together, and began dreaming the same dreams and talking about them in the real world. Soon they couldn’t tell the difference between the real world and the dream world. 

“It was the weirdest thing ever, “ Brie said. 

Over time, Brie realized that the aliens she was talking to were really fallen angels, demons or Satan, trying to confuse her and keep her from following Jesus. 

Flat Earthers?

She jumped from one conspiracy theory to another conspiracy theory without ever getting the answers she wanted about her purpose. Nothing worked. Every wild ride just ended up with more questions. 

“I was getting so much information, but it wasn’t leading me anywhere,” Brie said. “I was so lost in my brain and getting tangled. … I’m so blessed that Jesus pulled me out of all that.” 

The turning point came in 2016 when Brie stumbled across some flat Earth videos — by people who believe the Earth is flat — and some of the conspiracy theorists had reworked Bible verses to prove their point. It was the first time she ever opened the Bible. 

As I started reading all the Bible verses, I was like, whoa , this actually makes a lot of sense,” Brie said. “Maybe the Bible is true. … Jesus will meet you where you’re at, and that’s what He did for me. He met me right at conspiracy theories and flat Earth and all that.” 

The verses made sense, even if the theory that the Earth is flat didn’t. She started reading the Bible, trying to rationalize Christianity with her New Age beliefs. Once, she was on the phone with someone and trying to read his birth chart — a theory that the stars were aligned a specific way on the day you were born — and he told her, “Listen, I know this may sound right, but it’s not. Jesus is the way.” 

She argued with him for four hours where he talked about Jesus, and she tried to explain it alongside astrology.

It would take a whole year for Brie to fully surrender, give up her beliefs in astrology and talking to aliens. 

“The demons were attacking me heavily,” Brie said. “All the things that I had done were finally catching up when Jesus was breaking that chain. … I knew that Jesus was amazing, and He was pulling me out of stuff, but it was very hard for me to let go of things because I was hearing whispers and spirits saying, ‘You have to fulfill your mission for your planet.’ ” 

No More Searching 

Finally, she realized Jesus is the only truth that matters. She went from believing she was Satan’s daughter, listening to whatever he said, to trusting Jesus.

“My life has been so much more fulfilled than anything I ever had before,” Brie said. “He has brought so much peace where I hear Him all day. … It’s a loving presence. I’m never seeking for more information. He’s just providing it to me when I need, and the Holy Spirit is residing in me.” 

Brie has grown in her faith and stopped looking for answers to the universe outside of her faith. 

“Honestly, Christ just came to me, obviously on His own, and found me,” Brie said. “It had to do with a lot of me just stumbling in different avenues, and none of it was truth. … I always had that drive to know.” 

It might have taken a while for Brie to find out exactly who did have all the answers, but once she met Jesus, she knew she finally found her purpose on this planet that she’d so desperately longed to find. 

You can watch Brie tell her story here

Photo courtesy of Pexels.