We help you shatter the barriers to hope, help, and purpose by harnessing the power of stories.
Why stories?


We — humans — live our lives through stories. It’s one of the qualities that sets humans apart from other animals. According to author and literary scholar Jonathan Gottschall,

“Story is the grease and glue of society: by encouraging us to behave well, story reduces social friction while uniting people around common values. … What connects us beyond our kinship ties? Story.”

And then there’s the neuroscience of storytelling.

Our brains are created to listen to stories and even create stories. Even consciousness is your brain telling itself its own story — all the time. And your brain is always planning for what you’re going to do next. But when your brain detects a story, it stops the planning process just to listen to a story. It immediately dials in to hear that story and pauses the continual planning so that story can have center stage.

Not only that, but there are higher levels of the hormone oxytocin — a bonding hormone — in our brains when we’re listening to a story, making us feel emotionally closer to whoever the story is about. Stories bond human beings to each other in incredible ways.

Humans are social creatures. We thrive on the connections we make to one another, the communities we form. Stories help us do that.

So, why stories?

Stories are powerful. And everyone — yes, everyone — has a story worth telling.

What’s yours?