So, here we are.

Almost one year to the date from the first printing of Shattered. One year ago today, we were clueless. We had a dream, we had some ideas, we had some volunteers, but we had a whole lot to learn. We had some writers sharing their stories. We had a photographer who took ALL of our photos. We had a designer put together the entire magazine almost single-handedly. We had close to one editor responsible for approving and finalizing all 30+ articles. And we planned on doing it again the next quarter. We hoped against hope, prayed many prayers, and worked incredibly hard to try to spread the word about Shattered – we needed subscribers to make it work! Where would they come from?

shattered magazine first issue

Our first issue out of the box! It’s hard to believe it has been a year already.

Publishing is hard work, and since I don’t come from a publishing background, have any education in publishing, and no business building experience whatsoever, it seemed almost laughable that God would ask me to start a magazine. But He did, and He has provided resources, training, guidance, and grace every step of the way. My prayer is that maybe He is doing that because one day, when we have 2.8 million subscribers like Southern Living, we can turn around and say, “We didn’t do a thing to make this happen… God did it all.” Along the way, we’ve learned about printing, distribution, postal costs and procedures, marketing, business strategizing, advertising, obtaining advertisers, and the list goes on and on and on…

I talked with a magazine consultant a few weeks ago to see what she would suggest we do to improve our overall publishing strategy. She was shocked we had made it as far as we had. Most magazines never get past their first issue. In fact, 9 out of 10 new publications fail at that point… 60% of those that get to their second issue fail as well. (Encouraging, right?) She said that had I come to her at the beginning, she would have recommended investing 1.5 Million dollars in an attempt to secure a subscriber base of 100,000. $1.5 MILLION??? We raised $7,000 through a Kickstarter campaign… She recommended that I pay writers and editors to produce quality content. Most of our story-tellers are normal everyday people who just want to share an amazing story of how God worked in their lives through some unbelievable circumstances. She said that maybe we should have re-thought our title. But title is our DNA – the very people we are trying to reach; the very good news that we are trying to share. She did say that she would also encourage us to take the “Barnes and Noble test.” Well, praise God we passed one test!

firm secure trust hope god

So, what now? What do we do? We pray. One year later, and we still need subscribers. We need the word about Shattered to continue to spread. We need advertisers. We need investors to help us get stronger. Actually, God knows our needs better than we do. He knows what He is getting ready to bring to the table and He knows when it will happen. With every step of our journey, we learn more and more about how He is in control. And for those He calls, He always provides. It’s awesome to see Him work.

So I ask you to join us. Join us in prayer. Pray that He would continue to multiply our little Kickstarter version of the loaves and fishes miracle He performed so very long ago. We thank you for those prayers ahead of time.

Once you’ve whispered a word to God about us, tell us what we can whisper to Him for you. How can we pray for you as well?