Author: Jessica Chenoweth

30 || Choose Life

God prepared Cathy perfectly for His true calling on her life, and now, she serves the North Alabama area through a ministry called Choose Life. This ministry opens their doors to anyone and everyone to encourage them to seek alternatives to abortion. They also offer counseling to women who have already had abortions and are struggling with the aftermath. Read more about this incredible ministry…

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It is easy when facing a present trial to romanticize the past. We get the “grass is greener on the other side” syndrome and don’t like feeling vulnerable. I spent so much wasted time hopping back and forth from bondage to experiencing God’s best in my life. Through it all I have learned this: I would rather be in the harshest climates with God than on the greenest grass without Him. Allow God to pull your stake out of the ground, feel the wind hit your face as you bask in your newfound freedom and never look back!

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Praying with Fingers Crossed

Thankfully our emotions don’t dictate the power of God. Even when you don’t think your prayers are being heard, they are. Uncross your fingers and pray with boldness. You are loved. You are heard. After all, faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. God chooses to be affected by our prayers. What an indescribable gift!

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7 || Reflections of a Zipperhead

Some memories don’t diminish over time. Some moments change us forever. The day of my brain surgery, Jan. 6, 2009, is one of those moments for me. I had not slept much the night before and while Glen was still lost in slumber I slipped out of bed and looked out the hotel room window.

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No Room at This Inn

Imagine what Mary must have thought as her labor pains began and she was in a new place far away from her immediate family. She was frightened and unsure of what lay ahead. She must have begun to panic as Joseph scurried from door to door trying to find a comfortable place for her to give birth, only to be turned away. No room at this inn. Maybe for a brief moment she felt confused and forgotten by God. Why would God allow His Son to be born in a stable? Why had no one made room for them in the inn?

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