The path her life has taken is what has shaped the true beauty that Ginger possesses today. We are so blessed to be able to get her insight into what she has learned over the years about what really matters.

In Her Words:

Because of the trials endured and my deep faith and blessings I have received through these trials, I have become a stronger person. While I was growing up, my mother often told me that beauty comes from within. This has helped guide me as I’ve matured in life. Trials, tribulations, and good times all work to shape character in our lives. Our responses to life, when we allow Christ to be first in our heart in all things, can mold us into truly beautiful women – caring, considerate, thoughtful, and empathetic women.

Church (more importantly, a relationship with Christ) has been very important to me throughout my entire life. The relationships experienced in my sweet church family have proven a source of encouragement, accountability, and reassurance from my Creator. Authentic friendship and relationship with the Lord and with His body has done so much to create in me a spirit of confidence, which I believe is one of the essences of outward beauty.

While serving as an ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce, I have also had the opportunity to serve our community by taking meals to the homebound persons, helping with the Women’s Job Corp, and even raising money for ministry oriented fashion shows. All of these activities as well as working in the public helped to make me aware of the fashion during the years. Being aware of the fashion trend during those days, I dressed accordingly. I even enjoyed all the fashions that were all the rage. However, trying to meet the world’s view of what we should be by the clothes we wear or the newest hairdo often leads us to think we have to dress or look a certain way in order to be “pretty.” Oftentimes, the newest rage in fashion is also very uncomfortable and unflattering. As I have matured, I still enjoy fashion but now I dress more for comfort and what feels good to me, which makes me feel pretty in my own unique way. I have come to believe that true beauty is not about which trendy top or the next new shoe style I wear, but rather how I love and serve others. Often reflecting on my mother’s words, I now understand what she meant by “beauty comes from within.” With that being said, I try to remember to live by doing unto others as I would have them do unto me (Matthew 7:12 paraphrase), which I believe would be how God defines true beauty.