University of Alabama senior basketball captain Retin Obasohan—a native of Antwerp, Belgium—said while the Brussels attack left him with “a heavy heart,” he won’t live in fear.

The Brussels attacks on March 22 at the Zaventem Airport and a subway station in Maalbeek left at least 34 dead and over 170 injured. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the the suicide bombers, now identified as Belgian brothers Khalid and Brahim el-Brakaoui. Another suspect is still at large.

Obasohan was able to reach his family and friends to confirm their safety via FaceTime, after finding no access through phone lines due to the heavy traffic. Obasahan’s hometown, Antwerp, is roughly 100 miles from the Brussels attacks sites. He knew one victim personally—professional basketball player Sebastian Bellin, who played collegiate basketball at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. The Associated Press reports Bellin was about 100 yards from the airport blast and has undergone surgery for shrapnel in his leg and hip.

Obasohan’s family had traveled through the Zaventem airport just a couple weeks ago for Alabama Senior Day ceremonies. Obasohan says he’s familiar with the exact area of the bombing site, and where Bellin was injured, having traveled through the airport “probably 15 times or more.”

Acitve in campus Christian ministry at the University of Alabama, Obasohan says the Brussels attacks weigh on his heart, but he won’t give in to terror. Instead, he’s trusting God.

“God says he gives a spirit of courage,” said Obasohan, quoting Scripture. “And that is how I will respond.”

Obasohan is offering hope not just for fellow Belgians, but also the entire human race, reports.

“This is just another opportunity, I guess, as a human race to run to God…God is good and regardless how bad or how terrible these attacks were, there’s always still hope.”