In the year 1990, Voyager 1 made its journey through space to collect pictures of our solar system for the “Family Portrait” series of space images. After the mission was completed, NASA turned the camera towards Earth and took a picture of our world from over 3.7 billion miles away. Here is the picture NASA received.

If you look closely in the last light streak on the right side of the photo, you’ll see a small speck that looks like a piece of dust. It is a very pale blue dot that one might dismiss as dirt on the lens. That speck actually turns out to be the place we call home. Earth.

 We all tend to get lost in this world.” 

I have a framed picture of this hanging in our house. It serves as a reminder to put this life into perspective. We all tend to get lost in this world. Our perspectives are often clouded by the immediacy to feed our families, clean our houses, pay our bills, and ferry kids to sports practice. Our perspectives can also be clouded by the devil’s personal attacks in our lives; the lies he tells us to keep us down and out of the game. Personally, I know I need a reminder to look at life through a different lens—a perspective other than my own—which is why I love this photograph.  

It reminds us that even when our lives feel overwhelmed by busy-ness, tragedy, heartache, loss, insignificance, depression or other trials, we serve a great God. He is greater and bigger than we could ever comprehend, and He loves us tremendously. He is the maker of all heaven and earth, and yet He cared enough about us to come to our lowly speck of dust in the universe to die for our sins. That alone should speak of how valuable we are to Him and how special that makes us. It should also give us great hope to realize even through our sufferings, we are here for a much greater purpose than what this world has to offer.

I pray that we can broaden our perspectives on life and see that we are loved incredibly by the Creator of the universe.