God prepared Cathy perfectly for His true calling on her life, and now, she serves the North Alabama area through a ministry called Choose Life. This ministry opens their doors to anyone and everyone to encourage them to seek alternatives to abortion. They also offer counseling to women who have already had abortions and are struggling with the aftermath. Read more about this incredible ministry…

Choose Life of North Alabama was started 31 years by individuals who came together with a vision of helping women facing an unwanted pregnancy to choose life instead of abortion. In 2012, Choose Life served over 4,700 women. They are the largest pregnancy test center in the South East. Shattered Magazine was fortunate enough to sit down with Cathy Hatchett, Assistant Executive Director at Choose Life, to find out more about this ministry.

Cathy’s Journey

Cathy always prayed that she would not have to work outside of the home. She had a deal with God, if He wanted her to work; He needed to bring the job to her. And He did. She entered the corporate business world feeling God’s favor upon her.

Believing her job was a “God-thing,” she thought she would be working there until she retired. But after six years of working in her position, she became restless. The demands on her had increased leaving her feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied.

Cathy reflects over that time thoughtfully, “Pouring so much of myself into my job, I began thinking that if given a choice I would rather pour myself into making a difference in this world by impacting people’s lives. God brought me to a point where I could leave a stable/secure job in search of meaning and mission.”

Through God’s providence, an opportunity to serve with Choose Life presented itself and she pursued it. It was during her volunteer training, that they offered her a position. It just so happened that the experience she received in the business world had prepared her well for serving with Choose Life. She shared, “God knew the skills that I would need to complete the mission He had for me.”

The Reward and the Risk

Cathy describes a recent client who said that her mom told her if she did not abort the baby she would be kicked out of the house. This girl had moved out of her home, but she continued to be pressured about having an abortion. Cathy’s response to the girl, “This is your decision. Let’s look at it before you decide. God tells us He knew that baby as soon as it was formed in the womb. He has a plan for that baby.”

The girl, accompanied by her mother, came back a couple weeks later for an ultrasound. The tech performing the ultrasound always writes on the printed picture of the ultrasound, “Hi Mom.” The girl’s mother said, “Would you write ‘Hi Granny’ on it for me?” By simply viewing the beauty of God’s creation living inside her daughter’s body, the mom’s heart melted and became excited about being Granny. Cathy feels so rewarded in being able to see these lives saved and hearts changed.

But Cathy knows that there are women and babies who won’t be helped by their outreach efforts. That breaks her heart. Her dependency on the Lord enables her to get through every day.  Choose Life can be overwhelming when faced with the magnitude of the need. However, the volunteers have learned to trust God to give them the truth and to share with the women who walk through their doors. What happens in the end is between Him and the mothers. Everything they do at Choose Life is God doing through them. They take no credit. They share the Gospel with women and it is literally saving lives – their babies’ lives as well as their own souls.

Life Choice Mentoring

Choose Life understands that many women do not have mentors that are guiding them to make healthy choices. They provide a counselor to meet with these women on a weekly basis and encourage them at the point of their greatest need. Their Life Choices program is to help these women break the cycle of bad decisions. It is taking them through God’s word to help them learn how to have a healthy lifestyle and to get on a productive path so they will be able to financially support themselves.

Mobile Unit

The Mobile Unit has pregnancy tests and ultrasounds on board. They identify areas out in the community that have heavy foot traffic. The goal is to meet women who would not otherwise come to the pregnancy test center and give them a very convenient, easy, and free way to receive services.

They see many more abortion minded and vulnerable women in this scenario. The mobile unit currently goes out three days a week. This part of the ministry began in April of 2012, so it’s a relatively new ministry for the center.

Healing Hands

The Healing Hands counseling program is available for the person the day after they have an abortion or even 20 years later. It’s a step-by-step healing program. They have a biblical counselor who meets with them on staff, either one-on-one or in a group.

The counselor helps them understand that there is healing. She helps them go back and pinpoint what was going on when they made that decision. They’re allowed and encouraged to grieve the death of their baby. This child was theirs. To help, the counselor leads them through the healing of that loss.

Get Involved With Choose Life 

They are always looking for volunteers. Their next training session will be in early fall. They ask that all of their volunteers be actively involved in a local church. People who wish to volunteer need to come in and have an interview where we are able to hear why they want to serve here.

There are many volunteer opportunities other than being a counselor. Some women are called to keep the layette closet organized. Some are called to help out administratively, to answer the phones, or to be a receptionist. There are so many areas where people can volunteer.