Hi, my name is Rebecca.

(Hi, Rebecca.)

My life hasn’t gone like I thought it would. (insert eye rolling here)

Have y’all seen the movie Gravity yet? Sandra Bullock, George Clooney. Here’s the story line: Home girl is lost in space. It’s riveting. So riveting that the gooey, creamy, pumpkin bars that I snuck in the theatre (don’t judge) sat untouched in my lap the entire time. I couldn’t move! I felt every moment of panic and terror as one catastrophe hurled her deeper into the galaxy.

SPOILER ALERT: Home girl lands on planet Earth, and all is well. Ahhhhhhh. Safety.

I left the theatre asking myself, “Why could I relate so much to an astronaut lost in space?” The only answer I came up with is that I feel like I haven’t landed yet. But where am I waiting to land?

The last decade I have been trying to land. To nest. To make a home. To fit. To belong to someone. It’s kind of what we do, isn’t it ladies? And that’s okay. It is not always a bad thing. However, even my married peeps will tell you , marriage is not the answer to identity struggles. But I confess, I’ve been trying to make it mine for a while now. And it’s reaaaaaaally hard to land on that planet when your rocket ain’t off the ground. You feel me?

I digress…

Some of my attempts at landing have left me free falling and giddy with adventure; some have left me nauseated and hurled into heartache. There are many broken things in my past and plenty of awesome things, too! Their common denominator? They weren’t my idea or vision for my life. Here’s one: I’m 26. I’m single. Let’s get real here for a second: I never thought that would be reality.

But it’s where I’m at! And the larger truth is that I do belong to Someone. He’s been leading me home before I even knew how to write my own name, and He loves the mess of out me. Here’s a of couple things I’ve learned in my quarter-life crisis:

  • Home is not on this Earth. Ain’t no man, no Pinterest-decorated home, no career, no snotty-nosed, adorable child gonna’ lead you home. I say this with a yearning for all of those things.
  • Be yourself. God formed each one of us uniquely. He delights in YOU. Be you, all of it. He adores you, and you belong to Him.
  • Life is a scrapbook of seasons. The loss and grief, sadness or disappointment will not last forever. The waiting will end. In the meantime, get counseling. Seriously.
  • God is good. My world may feel like it’s crumbling, but I have learned that I play a small role in the large, grand, galaxy of God’s rich love. When I get those roles in the right order, I can lift my hands and give great thanks to a glorious God.

I’m glad my life hasn’t gone like I imagined!

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