Hi, my name is Katie and I am no good at the “dating game.”

It’s not because I’m a rebel at heart or a habitual rule breaker; I just think the games are ridiculous.

I get caught up in the excitement of meeting someone that I connect with; someone that I have a lot in common with.  I’ve been known to ask a boy to get coffee first, often being too bold for my own good.  Why can’t I ask a boy to coffee?  What do I have to lose?  It’s just coffee.

This is my consistent thought process.

Oh and playing hard to get…ha!  I don’t even know what that means.  Why would I want to be “hard to get” for a guy I like, that in return likes me?

Have I mentioned that I think this is ridiculous?

Have I mentioned that I am constantly shouting that the Lord made me into a bold, confident and sassy woman?  He made me into a strong-willed leader that likes to…lead?

So what to do when it comes to my will to lead in the “dating game?”  As a wise friend once said to me…

Pump. The. Brakes.

Great advice I believe.  What does it mean to me exactly?  It means to try my very best to channel my head when making decisions, to rein my heart in (only a little.)  To attempt to think through things logically instead of always running through fields of daisies shouting love notes into the universe. (This visual may or may not be an exaggeration.)

It also means to pray.  To constantly pray.  Every time I meet a great guy that could turn into a potential crush, I start talking to God about him.  I ask him to guide me and to protect my heart if there is nothing there.  I ask him to guide me and protect my heart if there is something there. This is what all of us should be doing about everything in our lives, but this is an especially good practice for a gal who feels her way through life; a girl who falls in love with things (people, places, ideas) on a daily basis.

And sometimes, God gives me the okay to ask a boy if he’d like to get coffee sometime.  He shows me it’s okay to be bold and sassy; maybe just not with every single boy I meet.

I believe that because God made me such a strong leader, it may mean that I need a man that is an even stronger leader.

God has comforted me in reminding me that I should not change who I am because most of society doesn’t believe it to be right.  However, I should pray about it daily and ask the Lord to flourish the qualities he granted me with, for his glory.

These are the thoughts of a girl getting back out into the “dating game.”  One that has never been good at it or even participated much in it in the first place.  Thoughts of a girl who is taking the pressure off of herself to be something she’s not, and instead asking the Lord to take the pressure on for her.  Makes life so much easier.


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