The enemy has been picking a fight with us. I don’t know why he thinks he can win, but one thing I do know is this: When he sees people coming together with a mission to spread the name and hope of Christ, he’ll do all he can to try to stop it.

Too bad he picked the wrong God’s plan to mess with.

As you may have already heard if you follow Shattered’s Facebook page, last week was a week of one battle right after another. It began when the stomach bug tried to hold down our local managing editor for half the week (our fall issue story finalization week). Then it decided to travel cross-country to try its luck on our webmaster and his entire family (in Colorado). Of course, we just kept focused on our mission as best we could as our online managing editor (who was out of town on a business trip) posted our most-read online story to date, which ignited a dynamic conversation on the post with over 150 comments and over 66 THOUSAND likes.

All because some women had the courage to share some of their struggles, things that most people think should never really be talked about, and to show us how to help by reaching out to one another.

Clearly, our mission was still in full swing and wouldn’t be easily thwarted even when our ranks were being hit one by one. Oh, but you know how it goes—the attacks still kept coming. 

So, with another attempt to stifle our voices, our website crashed. Multiple times. But it didn’t stop people from coming back. They kept coming. They kept talking. They kept being impacted. And then, as if the enemy pulled out all the stops in one last effort to deal us our mortal blow, someone tried to hijack our website in the midst of our efforts to secure the site. (Let’s be honest — I couldn’t stop laughing when we got that news. Not because it was funny, but because it was just crazy how hard we were being hit! And laughing was better than crying. Then we just took to praying really hard.) It could just be us, but something tells us we’re in the middle of some pretty powerful Kingdom work.  

You see, though, it’s not really about us. We’re not about to give the enemy that pleasure by thinking so proudly of our efforts. He’s really about trying to bring the most glorious, loving, kind giver of hope to His knees. When we let those qualities then pour into us so we can pour them out to others, we’re declaring which side of the battle we’re on. But guess what? We’re on the side that’s already won. So we keep up the fight because the end that awaits us is worth it all. 

One thing to remember? We can’t do this alone. We must surround ourselves with others who are in the fight, too. They’ll strengthen us, refocus us on our greater mission at hand when the weight of the battle bears down, and remind us how it all turns out.

From our team to you — our readers, friends and supporters — thanks for desiring to see hope prevail and joining us in the powerful mission before us. We couldn’t do it without you.