Jep and Jessica Robertson welcomed their new son, Jules Augustus—Gus—a four-month-old black baby boy whom they recently adopted. Jep and Jessica say they were committed to adoption no matter what race or gender the baby would be, and are thrilled to finally have baby Gus home.

Jep and Jessica’s “Duck Dynasty” spinoff, “Jep & Jessica: Growing the Dynasty,” features Gus’ homecoming

The Robertsons’ Call to Adopt

Jep and Jessica Robertson, who already have four biological children, came to the decision to adopt individually. Jessica, whose health problems kept her from having a fifth child, had always had adoption in her heart. But it wasn’t until Jep went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and saw real children who needed real homes that he caught a passion for adoption.

“Knowing that we can make a difference, and take a child in that maybe would never have a mommy or daddy,” said a teary-eyed Jessica. “You’re changing a child’s life forever, and he’s going to change our life forever.”

Jep and Jessica aren’t the first pioneers for adoption in the Robertson family. “Duck Dynasty” main characters, Willie and Korie Robertson, also have a foster daughter and two adopted sons, one just recently announced. Jep and Jessica said Willie and Korie offered helpful advice and encouragement throughout the adoption process.

Race Doesn’t Matter To The Robertsons

Jep and Jessica aren’t the first Robertsons to have a mixed-race family, either. Willie and Korie’s foster daughter, Rebecca, is from Taiwan, and their 13-year-old Will Jr., “Lil’ Will,” is biracial. The Robertson family is a beautiful mosaic.

Jep says his dad and Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, whose comments on homosexuality and racism were not well-received in a 2013 interview with GQ Magazine. After a short suspension from Duck Dynasty and a media storm regarding freedom of speech, Phil was reinstated.

Jep says Phil has nothing but good to say about the adoption.

“He’s always said—I guess this never got quoted—he says we’re all part of one race, the human race. He says that quite often,” said Jep.

We agree. And the reason we’re sharing Jep and Jessica Robertson’s adoption story isn’t to become a celebrity gossip tabloid, but because we believe Jep and Jessica Robertson’s adoption story (and Willie and Korie’s) is breaking down barriers of racism in some really cool ways. We believe the Robertson family, whom we talked with last year for the Spring 2015 issue, pushes toward more authentic Christianity.

Jep and Jessica Robertson join the raft of parents whose arms have enfolded many children in addition to their own. Read the adoption stories of Dave and Kim Metz, Pastor Lee Jong-rak, and Debbie, Randy and Tyler, and get a glimpse of the joy Jep and Jessica Robertson are experiencing because of adoption.