End It Movement 2014 could be summarized in one word for me. Overwhelmed.

This is the one word that sums up how I usually feel when I’m scrolling through my twitter feed and see a post on human-trafficking. 27 MILLION men, women, and children trapped in slavery around the world generated over 12 billion dollars. What do we do with information like this? How can we help end it?

Sadly, my norm is to ignore it and move on.  If I do stop to think this through, I become paralyzed just long enough to become numb. There seems to be nothing I can do right now and definitely no quick fixes. In this instant culture, I get frustrated easily and check out.

If I do learn more, won’t it just be even more overwhelming?


But is our calling to stay comfortable and only engage in the things we can fix?

No way.

Thankfully, God has beautifully and strategically surrounded me (and probably you, too) with folks who aren’t as paralyzed, who are fighting this fight and can help lead us in it! They are people in The Body, organizations like the End It Movement, who are passionate and burdened for this horrible injustice. They are following God’s heart to lead the rest of us to join them and ultimately END IT! They are friends, family, and incredible organizations that God is using all over the world and in our own cities.

But, they don’t necessarily have a quick fix either. Louie Giglio and all the red X’s can’t solve all of this injustice in just 24 hours but I believe they can awaken us to the call to end it. They can make us aware to “Stop!”

Stop to ask, listen, learn, and give.  Stop to have our hearts changed by the Spirit who is never overwhelmed in this battle.  Stop to listen to the God who chooses to use us to be the agents of His love, empowered by His Spirit, to “seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow” (Isaiah 1:17-18).

So, join me today, as we stop. Be bold enough to be overwhelmed!

Stop and take a moment to check out the END IT Movement.