Fact #1. My entire life I have been surrounded by logically minded people. My dad is an engineer. My husband is part engineer. The college I attended was primarily engineers. The city I live in is inundated with engineers.

Fact #2. I am not, nor will I ever be an engineer.

I am completely irrational, highly emotional, and terrible at all things logical. Even regarding my faith, I tend to base my outlook on how I am feeling. These attributes make me a pathetic defender of the math & science portion of God. I cannot rationalize all of the evidence that points to God’s existence (although my dad tried to teach me), and I certainly can’t provide a methodical explanation for Christ’s death and resurrection. Stay with me, rational people.

I can, however, claim without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that God is 100% real.  I know this because God literally saved my life from ultimate destruction a few years ago. I was a freshman in college and spent a lot of time alone. That coupled with the fact that I was extremely depressed, led me to doubt God’s existence and presence in my life. After months of feeling hopeless and lost, I decided that there was no reason for me to continue living. I got in my car and proceeded to drive around because it had become somewhat of a therapeutic ritual. This particular night, however, my aimless road trip sent me cruising down the path of complete devastation. In that moment, I decided my life had to end. The plan was to drive as fast as I could into a tree and hope the impact would kill me.

When I put my foot on the accelerator, an inexplicable feeling came over me, and the car did not speed up whatsoever. I immediately knew that God was saving me from myself and I managed to pull the car safely in the dorm parking lot. Then I burst into tears and was completely broken.

I may not know how to use scientific evidence to prove God’s existence in my life, but after that night, I don’t think I need to. When I begin doubting God, I think back to that night that transcends all logic and emotion as an undeniable reminder that God loves me unconditionally and has a remarkable plan for me.



[photo credit : Enviro Gadget]