Following Jesus is hard.

Being a Christian and choosing to do the right thing is hard.

Trying to see others how Jesus sees them is hard.

Sometimes, I want to sit back and gossip without conviction.  Sometimes, I want to judge another person without considering where they came from or what their life has been like.  Sometimes, I just want to bad-mouth that girl because she “stole” the guy I like (or uh…he just happened to like her more). Sometimes, I think doing all of those things will make me feel better about myself.

And I still do those things. I’m still human.

But, these days, I rarely do them without feeling convicted.

News flash: following Jesus can wreck your comfortable little world.

When we really begin to follow Jesus our hearts begin to change. When we get down on our knees and cry out to Him, confessing that we need nothing else in the world besides Him, something happens. It’s easy to think, “Oh this person is seemingly less crazy all of the sudden” or “that girl has really done a better job of not stealing my boyfriends these days.” But you know what is really happening? The Lord is changing us and changing our hearts. We are constant works in progress. As our walk with God continues, does it mean we’ll never gossip, judge, or be rude again?

Of course not.  

Will it change how often we do those things and how we feel afterwards?


If we continue to seek the Lord’s counsel our priorities and ideas change. Our idols change. Our need to feel accepted by talking negatively of others disappears. We learn to grow quiet when we do not have anything uplifting to say. Eventually, we learn to speak up against ridicule, standing firm in truth and grace. (Still learning that one.) We learn how to steer conversations so they are edifying instead of terrorizing.  We learn to spread more love and less hatred.

We can live our lives in a way that rarely needs to worry about if another person finds out what we have been saying behind their back. Let’s live in such a way that shows others continual love and grace.

Let’s choose to live like Jesus.

Following Jesus is hard, but it is oh so deeply worth it.