On Saturday September 20th, 2014, Shattered partnered with Lindsay Lane Baptist Church to bring you “Let’s Get Real,” an event at which our founder, Rachael Jackson, spoke. This event was designed to encourage women to discover the purpose in their stories. No matter what pain or difficulty has been a part of your journey, we want you to know that you can share your story for a greater purpose.

Though now the founder of Shattered Magazine, Rachael is also a West Point graduate, former Army Captain, and Apache helicopter pilot. Because of her life story, she is seriously passionate about sharing the love of Christ and the power found in a relationship with Him. She is also passionate about her kids, her husband Shane, and enjoying each day with as much coffee as possible.

1) How has your story shaped your life’s purpose?

My story has been a lot of valleys and some high mountaintops. Through it all, I have learned that the one thing that is always constant is Jesus. I have also learned that the one thing worth pursuing above all else is Jesus. He has become my purpose and strength behind all I do – whether it is being a wife, a mom, an employee, a business owner, or friend – I do it all for Him and through Him.

2) Can you describe a time when you shared your story and it made an impact on someone?

In opening up to my friends over a bible study and a cup of coffee about my background and where God has taken me and what He has brought me through, I saw their eyes open wide. In front of them, they had merely seen an Apache pilot and a former Army officer with what looked to be the picture perfect house and family life. I intimidated them unintentionally because they didn’t know the real me. They knew some of my story, but they didn’t know the whole story. When I let people in behind my white picket fences, all of a sudden, they began to relate to me. And, the best part is, when I told them about the power of Jesus in my story, they began to be encouraged by Him as well.

3) Why do you think sharing stories can have such a powerful effect in one another’s lives?

People don’t care how much or what you know until they know how much you care. Our stories are powerful, life-giving testimonies to the goodness of God in any situation when told for His glory. The Bible tells us in Rev. 12:11 that we shall “[defeat the devil] by the blood of the Lamb and by [our] testimony.” There is a lot of power in our testimony of God’s glory… the power to defeat the devil, one person’s life and heart at a time.

4) Why is authenticity important?

Authenticity is when we stop trying to put up appearances and start getting real. When we get real, all of a sudden, our stories aren’t about us anymore. It’s not about our pride or our position. It’s not about who we are or what we’ve done. Our stories become all about Him – who He is and what He has done. And if we can fess up to everything – what we mess up and what we do well, what others intend for evil and what God has done with it for good – then He gets to work through our authenticity in the lives of those around us. You may not even know the impact you’ve had this side of heaven by getting real!

5) What would you say to someone who thinks they don’t have a story that’s worth telling?

Everyone has a story worth telling. God has given you your story for a purpose. He has ordained you to walk the road that you have walked and will walk. He has given you talents, desires, obstacles, victories, challenges, hopes and dreams. Ultimately, He has created us all to desire Him above all else and to share Him with everyone around us. He has placed you exactly where you need to be, surrounded by the people you need to reach… sometimes, we just need to ask Him to open our eyes to exactly what it is that He wants us to do.