On Saturday September 20th, Shattered is partnering with Lindsay Lane Baptist Church to bring you “Let’s Get Real”. This event is designed to encourage women to discover the purpose in their stories. No matter what pain or difficulty has been a part of your journey, we want you to know that you can share your story for a greater purpose. We will have speakers, vendors offering encouraging products, and an exciting painting breakout. Register today and join us as we get real with one another.

Jennifer Devlin is an author who has had the opportunity to write numerous books and speak to women and groups locally, nationally, and internationally. She also has a passion for teaching God’s Word and is actively teaching at her home church, Mount Zion Baptist Church, as well as undergraduate theology classes in a local Bible college. You can visit her website at www.jenniferdevlin.com for more information about her ministry involvement and writing credits.

1) How has your story shaped your life’s purpose?
God has used every life experience to shape me into the woman He is using for His glory today. All the hurt, challenges, and triumphs have built together to reveal the great mercy and grace of God in my life. We love because He loves us. We forgive because He forgives us. We live because Christ lives in us. I am forever grateful for His presence and my relationship with Him.

2) Can you describe a time when you shared your story and it made an impact on someone?

Many times when I’m teaching, writing, or speaking at an event, God will nudge my spirit to share a story about a challenge I’ve had, or an issue God has helped me through. So often, I hear from someone that it was just what they needed to hear. I fully realize this is God working through my story to reach someone else for His glory.

3) Why do you think sharing stories can have such a powerful effect in one another’s lives?

I believe Satan thrives in the “secrets”; the shame and guilt we keep hidden in from the world – the quiet destruction of self-condemnation. God wants us to lay these things at the foot of the cross. He wants to extend forgiveness, and bring healing. Shame and condemnation never come from the Lord. When we share our story, we take control of that issue, and we not only celebrate how we’ve overcome in that area of our life, we extend a powerful challenge to others to seek this freedom in Christ as well.

4) Why is authenticity important?

Our society tells us we need to act perfect, look perfect, and live behind a mask in order to be popular, wanted, or successful. This is a lie! We can waste our lives trying to impress somebody else or we can decide today to live in freedom through the abundant love Christ extends to us. He loves us in our mess. He wants us to love others in their mess. And, when we are authentic, we give the people around us the ability to put down their guard and love more freely, and receive our love more freely.

5) What would you say to someone who thinks they don’t have a story that’s worth telling?

You do! Share it! Encourage someone in the hope you’ve received from Jesus, and bring Him glory for what He has done in your life. Don’t hide the joy of a transformed life!​

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