It was definitely a Monday.

To start my Monday morning off right, my water bottle leaked 20 ounces of water into my purse  — slowly soaking everything, including my checkbook, my wallet and my son’s Bat Signal. I barely got to spend five minutes kissing on my kids heads before I had to run out the door — off to meetings and a full day of work. The blubber around my tummy was growing by the minute, and my posture had degraded by the second as I hunched over the computer, determined that tomorrow I will start my REAL diet and run five miles (or walk two).

I had a million things to do on my list (well, actually 20), and I hadn’t started one of them. As I looked at our bank accounts — every single one, to include the business account — I saw the red lines approaching. The have-to-dos, the want-to-dos, and the when-we-can-afford-to-dos mounting against the shrinking resources.

And my heart was so flipping happy!!!

“She must be nuts. Right?” That’s what you’re thinking. How in the world could I be so happy when it was clearly a Monday?

‘Cause I had just spent the entire Easter weekend (my entire life really) being taught and reminded about the POWER of God.

Lately, it has hit me deep in my bones: I serve a WARRIOR KING.

I was a soldier once —an Apache helicopter pilot, to be specific. There is something that strikes a resounding chord in me and gets me pumped up about God, and that’s the fact that He is NOT a pansy! Yes, I am a woman. Yes, I enjoy woman-y things. But somewhere inside of me, behind the beautiful and inspirational Bible verses, I desperately want to see a picture of God waging war on the devil. I crave an image much more powerful than some flowers and birds in the Pinterest-worthy quotes about our King. Not that He isn’t beauty — He is. He is grace, love, beauty, hope and sooooo much more!

But He is all those things because FIRST He is a warrior. He waged war against the devil and kicked him out of Heaven. He waged war against sin by sending Jesus to Earth on a mission of epic proportion — to rescue us, His children, held captive as prisoners of war.

He is POWERFUL! And because He is powerful, because He won and now sits victorious, we too are victorious if we trust Him as Savior. He calls us sons and daughters, heirs to His kingdom. Our Father is a warrior king, and we are warriors in His army.

As warriors, we are called to do battle today! What’s the difference between our war and wars where the ending is unknown? We fight as conquerors. We have already won because Jesus already won.

How different would your daily battles (even just the daily annoyances of a drowning purse or the day-to-day chores of life) be if you approached them from the perspective of victor? We have barely even begun to realize the power we have in Christ when it comes to every day life.

Don’t you know Satan has no power over you? Don’t you know man has no authority over you? Unless God lets something come against you, it will not. And if it does come to you — if you find yourself losing someone you love, facing incredible hardships or desperate circumstances, attacked from all directions — God has called you on a Special Operations, Delta Force, Black Ops mission for His kingdom. He knows the ending, and He can’t wait to show us what’s really in store — our prize.

There is so much more than what we hold onto. There is so much more than fear, stress, worry, depression, what we look like, what we have or don’t have, etc. It’s incredible to live life in that knowledge.

Trust Him and surrender to Him, and then do battle knowing that all the power in Heaven and Earth has been given to us in Him. Win!! In every situation, win the battle for His glory. Fight sin, fight the devil, fight boredom, fight the doldrums, fight for your family and friends, fight for those you don’t know and stand victorious. We have the power of the God Almighty on our side. What in the world are we afraid of?

“For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

[Image via Tomatillo Design]