A Christian friend is more than just someone to go to Starbucks with…more than just a nice neighbor, shopping buddy, or a Bunco group. True friendship is more than just someone we like to work with on a church committee. We all have acquaintances but not everyone has true friendships that last.


I believe God puts people in our lives for more than social reasons. It’s easy to find someone to talk about the latest movie with, but much harder to find someone to talk about things that matter: faith, ideas, problems and dreams. Its true you can’t share like that with everybody; but it is important to share with somebody. We need Christian friends we love and trust enough to share our heart with.


The following list contains truths about friendship. To have good relationships you must be intentional. Consider the following list, it may help you become a better friend this year….


15 Truths About Friendship

  1. A friend is a great blessing. Thank God for them, regularly.
  2. If your friend has a child, you honor them anytime you help or serve that child. It is important to look for ways to bless their children.
  3. True friends pray regularly for each other’s families. They are concerned for them physically and spiritually.
  4. Life gets busy, be intentional and make time for your friend.
  5. A good friend takes an interest in another’s life. They provide encouragement for using talents, for ministry, dreams and problems.
  6. Good friends give and take. A “take only” friend does not enrich your life and ultimately the relationship doesn’t last.
  7. Good friends make an effort to be the best friend they can be, even though that looks different for each friend.
  8. Good friends are real. Being your authentic self is endearing and makes honest relationships. Presenting a “life is perfect” front actually keeps people from ever drawing close to you.
  9. Good friends have other good friends and that is okay. Friendship isn’t a competition and your friend is not a prize that is yours alone.
  10. A friendship that can survive brutal honesty is a true friendship.
  11. High maintenance friends are not easy to be around, because they expect more than you can give. So be respectful: don’t push people to agree with you or do things for you. Don’t try to remake your friend into being just like you.
  12. A friend is someone who knows your quirks and flaws and loves you anyway.
  13. Apologize when you feel you may have crossed the line, or even if you got near it.
  14. Friends are imperfect, EXPECT them to disappoint you occasionally and then be quick to forgive, whether they ask you to or not.
  15. Generously decide to give expecting nothing in return, no strings attached. True friends will reciprocate, as they are able.


True friendships are needed in every life. We were created for relationship not only with the Lord, but also with each other. Make 2014 the year you invest in your life and in the lives of other people by being the best friend that you can be.



”There are “friends” who destroy each other,

but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. “    

Proverbs 18:22 (NLT)


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