When God calls us to do something, sometimes we contribute and sometimes we don’t.

With our salvation, we contribute absolutely nothing. With many miracles performed by Jesus, the recipients contributed no action, no sacrifice and no offering.

In other miracles, people contributed. In the feeding of the 5,000 the small boy gifted his lunch.

When God calls us, whether we are starting a ministry, a church, a business or just living life, sometimes we contribute money, time and effort. Sometimes God just makes it happen – drops it in our laps.

Shattered Magazine started as a tug on my heart to let people know that, no matter what, their stories mattered and are ultimately about God’s glory. It started as a blog, as I believed I would automatically just reach millions. Didn’t happen that way.

So I thought, “What else can I do?” I was not satisfied – didn’t feel that was the end of God’s call on my life. So I started an online magazine. “That’s it, right God? This is what you wanted.” I still remember the day we released our first online issue. I was driving home from North Carolina with my husband looking at the iPad, just waiting for the subscriptions to start rolling in. Didn’t happen that way.

So I thought, “Really? What else God? When God?” And He opened doors, brought in more people, refined our vision and made things possible. As a Shattered Magazine team we began to figure out what God was asking us to build and what He wanted us to do. We have worked, and keep working, very hard. We are constantly seeking out the direction that God wants us to take, the stories He wants us to tell, the best delivery and the people who need to hear it.

Throughout the process I have gone from believing that God would provide instant, overnight success with a half-baked idea to understanding and appreciating His wisdom and grace in the process of waiting. He has been diligently strengthening me and my family – preparing us for whatever the future holds. He has been assembling the perfect Shattered team, fine tuning our message, building our networks, answering our prayers and providing for our needs – just enough and in just enough time. In the process of waiting, He has been building our foundation out of rock so it will not crumble under the fury of the storms.

And still, I struggle. I wonder when it will get easier. When will we have the subscribers that we think we need to be successful? When will God bring His plans to fruition? When will the desires He has placed on my heart be fulfilled? What more do I need to do? When is it His action that is required only? Am I not having enough faith? Or am I not doing enough? Which is it? Where do I stand with Him?

Just as the Roman Centurion whose daughter was dying understood the authority of God and knew that all it took was a simple command from Jesus to heal her, so do I also know that all it takes is Jesus to speak and it will happen.

In everything that I’ve seen, experienced, or read, I believe it boils down to trust and obedience. As I pray every day for God to bless Shattered and bring us the subscribers we need, I also pray for Him to open our eyes – what more do we need to do? What can we do better? What is it God? Every day, we act. We do our best. We strategize, plan, market, test and then strategize some more. And every day, we all learn more and more about faith – trusting in Him, His timing, and the perfection of His ways.

So, where do I stand? I stand firmly on the foundation of Christ. I act in obedience and do my best, putting my faith in Him for the rest. I trust Him to make all things beautiful and to speak when it’s time. I know that in all things we do, He will be glorified. In the end, it’s all up to Him to just say the word and it will be so.