Entertainment industry executive Jason Davis’ corporation, One One 7, isn’t just about making money, or even just entertaining people. It’s about changing lives.

“A great song or movie can impact someone’s life and in some cases be a vehicle to save someone’s life,” said Jason Davis.

Jason Davis is most passionate about making great quality products in the entertainment industry because he truly believes it can change lives.

In 1999, Jason was discovered by Grant Cunningham,  who was the Senior VP of Sparrow Records (now Capitol CMG Label Group). Jason’s song was put on a record, became a radio hit, and opened the door into the entertainment industry. Now he’s helping artists get on their feet just like Grant Cunningham helped him. Jason loves watching talent grow and develop.

One One 7

Jason Davis says God used his pursuit of the entertainment industry “as a way to pursue [Jason’s] heart.” It was a collision with the Bible in his life that ultimately led Jason to dedicate his company to God. I John 1:7 says:

“If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.”

“I John 1:7 was the first scripture from the Bible I had ever heard,” said Jason. “It really opened up my heart and mind to learn more about God, get closer to God, and learn what it meant to follow him.”

Jason named the company he founded One One 7, after I John 1:7, as a constant reminder of his commitment to God.

One One 7 owns media properties in major motion pictures, television, music, and publishing. One One 7 has business partnerships around the world, including South Korea, Canada, Africa, and the United Kingdom. Jason Davis and his team at One One 7 have worked with artists in major motion pictures and on television, including networks like FOX, NBC, ABC and TLC.

One One 7’s team of producers share Jason’s passion for developing talent and making great entertainment. One One 7 has worked with artists such as U2, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Michael Bublé and countless others. One One 7 is involved in the production of movies, music, television programs and book publishing.

Jason Davis: Beyond Business

Now, Jason Davis is using his entertainment industry experiencing and business expertise to help business leaders integrate Jesus into their business model. Jason says he often sees character, passion and integrity missing in the business world. So his newest book, “Business Backwards” is based on ten Bible scriptures and “covers the fundamentals of how to serve God and love people well in business.”

Jason sees each day at work as an opportunity to care about people. He believes this kind of care and concern for people would open doors for him to talk about what God has done in his life. For Jason, God has been Lord, Savior, Dad, protector, teacher and guide.

“I think operating transparently with people, using my platform as a way to fight for people, serve people, and love people are ways I use my business to glorify God.”

And in an industry where you might not think the character of God and biblical principles show up very often, Jason Davis is making a huge difference.

“I’ve also seen what an impact love, truth, passion and commitment to others can do not only in business transactions but also in the effect it has on the lives of people you do business with.

Jason’s advice for Christian business leaders is to trust God and be thankful to Him for everything. He also says to “always put people before a deal” and to recognize God has placed people intentionally.

And in a manner akin to hippocratic-oath, Jason says to fight for kindness and justice.

“Deeply care about people and always passionately work to do what’s right for them.”

Both of Jason Davis’ books—an award-winning memoir, “Your Love Pursues,” which tells Jason’s full story, and his newest book, “Business Backwards,”—are available now through Amazon and iTunes.

Are you a Christian business leader? What advice would you add to Jason Davis’  experience? How do you integrate God and biblical principles into your business model, leadership, and interactions with clients or customers?