Update: On March 4, 2016, Joey Feek passed into her new life with Jesus after a courageous battle with cancer. Rory’s blog, This Life I Live, tells her story. 

Joey and Rory Feek’s story started in 2002 when the two country musicians married, creating a perfect pair of singing and songwriting. Together, their career grew to include a weekly television show, “The Joey+Rory Show” and “The Joey+Rory Radio Show.”

Joey and Rory’s story expanded as they welcomed their daughter Indiana, who was born with Down Syndrome, in 2014. Just months after Indiana was born, Joey and Rory received a difficult diagnosis: Joey had cervical cancer. She underwent treatment, and Joey and Rory continued to write songs.

But soon, Joey and Rory Feek’s innate sweet, southern charm was interrupted by sorrow when cancer hit again earlier this year. And they learned it had spread to her colon. Through their blog, “This Life I Live,” Rory shares their story, and in November, Rory announced their decision to end treatment and move into hospice care. In “This Life I Live,” Rory shares both hard and sweet moments of their story.

This song, “My Life Is Based On A True Story,” written by Joey and Rory, is a ballad that weaves our stories with the story of the Gospel, “the greatest story ever told.” We agree: The Gospel is the greatest story ever told, and it’s the only one that offers hope—for Joey and Rory and for you.

Please join us in prayer for Joey and Rory Feek as they walk the hard days of cancer and hospice ahead.