Grammy nominated artist Kari Jobe released her third album, Majestic on March 25. With over two years of writing and 50 songs to choose from, she wanted an album to reflect a congregational worship atmosphere. The album captures what a night on the road looks like for Kari.

“A lot of the lyrics and the songs are just how mighty God is and about His majesty. A lot of the theme of it points to Jesus and the power of the cross and the glory that we have in Jesus.”

The album seeks to draw listeners further into a connection with the greatness of God. It also encourages a deep experience with the presence of Christ.

Although the team prepared and rehearsed for the album mainly in a studio, the songs were recorded live in the Majestic Theater in Dallas, TX. For Kari, laying down the tracks was just another night of worship. Fans were in attendance at the theater, experiencing the music alongside of Kari. If you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry, listeners can experience the night for themselves by watching the concert on the Majestic DVD.


“I’m more excited about this album than I think about anything, because my heart is just to lead worship.”

Kari believes Majestic reflects her love for leading worship more than anything else she has done professionally.

Kari Jobe was raised in the church from a young age. Around the age of five, she began to understand what it meant to have a relationship with Christ. Her parents led and participated in music at their church, which had a great impact on Kari.

She started singing as soon as she could, developing her love for music. When Kari was about 13 years old, she knew she wanted to be involved in leading others in worship through music.

“I started experiencing these nights of worship that were two to three hours long, just spending so much time on my face in the presence of God. So I always knew I wanted to do something with music.”

She began singing for her church and started leading worship in college. She saw the influence her gift could have on others. People would come up to her and share how her voice had helped them bond with Christ on another level. At the age of 22, Kari recorded “Revelation Song,” a song she believes changed her life.

“God used [‘Revelation Song’] to begin to open doors. I started traveling a lot more. People wanted me to come sing that song and lead worship. It is very instrumental for what God has called me to do.”

It was then that Kari Jobe began to make a huge impact on the Christian music industry. Kari is still in awe of how God has used her to influence others.

“To see people sing songs that you have written out of places of desperation in your own life, it’s really mind-blowing. Because you realize the things we experience in life, though they may be extremely hard, there are people that God wants us to impact with our stories. No matter where we are. To be able to write them in a song and people sing them, it’s just an honor for me to be able to do that.”

During her short career, Kari has sung with crowds of many sizes. But the size of the crowd doesn’t matter to Kari. She sees worship as a special act with Christ, not letting her surroundings have an effect on how she spends time with God.

“I could care less if people are watching. I honestly do care less that people are watching. It’s impactful for us to just be really bold about how much we love the Lord. I probably look like a crazy fanatical, Jesus-lover most of the time, but I have been so impacted by the presence of God, that I just can’t help it.”

Even though Kari found her calling at a young age, she encourages others to keep serving where God has placed them. Everywhere she has been, whether serving in her youth group or sharing her music with thousands, God has used her to impact others.

“Everywhere that I have been so far, God uses it all. Every part of it is part of our journey and part of our story. You have to be serving somewhere so you are growing your gifts or you are growing in your faithfulness to the call of it and growing in the hard stuff of it too. There’s a lot of things God has to teach us in order to grow in our faith, grow in our walk and the warfare of it all doesn’t just take us out the first blow we get.”

Kari has dealt with trials of being overwhelmed by the exposure she has gained in such a short period of time. Her life experiences have been able to provide her with the spiritual tools to handle what the responsibility of touring and leading people in worship.

“I learned to fight through the small battles along the way. Now there are bigger ones that I have being on the road and the different things we experience. But I know what I did back then, nothing has changed in my worship. Sometimes I will open my eyes and a couple more people may be standing there, but it’s not any different than just leading my youth group when I was a teenager.”

Kari also credits a strong community around her with giving her strength in the difficult seasons. Friends and family have supported her all along the way, giving her the encouragement to press on when it gets hard.

“Every season is always different, but the faithfulness of God is always amazing. Relationships that I have are so key in this season, it’s so busy. Thankfully I have all of these friendships and Godly council and people who come out on the road to encourage. It’s full on ministry now.”

Kari Jobe has one simple, albeit huge, goal in mind for her music career.

“If I could be known for one thing it would be for people to be drawn close to the Lord by listening to my music and get more of the heaven perspective that God is up to something. That He never leaves us or forsakes us and He is a God of hope, God of comfort in the midst of questions.”

Download Kari Jobe’s Majestic on iTunes.