Keron Jackson’s Story

Keron Jackson was dealing drugs before he even knew what they were. Growing up in the Stop Six neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas, Keron found himself homeless, dealing drugs and stealing to get by. Until a few someones saw the opportunity to care for Keron.

Keron’s story is in the Fall 2015 issue of Shattered Magazine. Read about Keron Jackson there and listen to Keron tell his story from PCBC Media on YouTubeThe Keron Jackson Story.


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  1. Keron, I attended “Forever Young ” event on Sept 09/09/2016 @ Shiloh Baptist for the first time in Dallas. You were the entertainer of this event.
    I enjoyed your singing and got your autograph and I said ”
    I wanted to be able to say I know him and agreed to pray for you and have placed you on my prayer list. So proud of your accomplishments. I know you will
    do well .
    May God’s richest blessings be upon you for eternity.


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