Let’s Get Real: Finding The Point In Our Stories

Life can get really hard. Circumstances can overwhelm us at times, choking out the joy in our stories. Mundane settles in, expectations lower, survival becomes preeminent, pain of loss and rejection chip away at us, and soon, our hearts begin to harden.

This isn’t exactly what we picture when Jesus says that He came to give us life in the fullest, right?

If we’re honest, maybe we assume that the promises of a life full of joy, hope, peace, and purpose are for eternity – where sin is no more. If we’re even more honest, maybe we question the truth in the promise and the trustworthiness of the One making the promise.

No one knows the mind of God, but we do know this. He is love, grace, truth, righteous, mercy, and hope all wrapped up into one sovereign God over all the universe – all of this was proven once and for all at the Cross of Jesus Christ. For some reason, He made us. For yet other unknown reasons, He chose to redeem us. And as we live out our stories on this earth, we get the awesome privilege of knowing that they are for a purpose.

You see, our stories are not about us. It’s not about live, breathe, earn a paycheck, pay taxes, and then die. Our stories, no matter what shape they take—no matter the plots, characters, sceneries, timelines, or settings of which they consist—are all about reflecting the glory of God. No greater evidence for the reality of Christ and the goodness of our God exists than in our stories for His glory.

What has happened to you in your life? What evil has been perpetrated against you? What lies have you believed? Do you know that what others intend for evil, our God intends for good and the saving of many lives?

What have you done? What have you royally screwed up? What sins do you carry around in your heart? What can you not forgive yourself for? Do you know that if we trust in Him and ask Him to be our Savior that He can and will redeem your story—no matter what—to be about Him and His glory?

When told for His glory, our stories come out from the darkness and are exposed to the light. When exposed to light, they become powerful. A story remains powerless until it is told. When we begin to see our stories through the light of eternity and the lens of His greater works, they become powerful and purposeful. They are tools that the Lord God will use to overcome evil and usher in His Kingdom fully on this earth.

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