Matthew West‘s song, “Untold,” tells the story of lives whose stories never got a chance to be told. “Untold” describes the tragedy of abortion and urges listeners to consider the story of the unborn.

After performing for benefit concerts around the country—and back-to-back concerts for pregnancy and adoption centers—Matthew West received a letter from a center asking him to write a song specifically for peoples’ hearts to be changed about abortion. From the letter came “Untold.”

“God placed this song on my heart and I pray it will serve to honor and inspire ministries, churches, organizations, and individuals who courageously share hope and life-affirming options to all those in need, along with forgiveness and compassion for those who seek it.”

Matthew gives a voice to the unborn through the lyrics of “Untold”:

“But when you hear my first cry,
When you look in my eyes,
You’ll understand why you brought me to life.”

Through “Untold,” Matthew West welcomes stories from people who have chosen to give the gift of life or have found healing from past abortions.

Storyteller Matthew West

Matthew West has been making music since 2003. In our 2014 interview with Matthew, he talked about his heart for stories and storytelling, which we share. In 2010, Matthew asked for people to share their stories and when he began reading them—all 30,000 of them—he started writing songs that reflect the hope healing for everyone’s story found in Jesus. And in songs like “My Own Little World” and “Do Something,” Matthew issues a challenge to listeners to share the story of Jesus. PopWe, Matthew West’s storytelling campaign, welcomes listeners to share their stories.