Max Lucado’s newest book, “Glory Days: Living Your Promised Land Life Now” offers insight into living a “full-throttle” life as a Christian and includes a bit of Max’s story, too.

Max Lucado, author of over 30 books, has been the pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas since 1988. But if you were to meet the twenty-year old version of Max, you would have never thought he would grow up to be a pastor and author.

“At twenty, I was already well on the way to alcoholism and a lot of trouble,” Lucado said. “I knew exactly who my Father was and that I shouldn’t lead the life I was leading.”

Max describes his personal story as much like the prodigal son’s. Having been given a second chance, Max discovered the grace of God.

“I didn’t have a plan B, so when I threw myself on God’s grace, I really sensed the work of the Spirit. It’s been 40 years now, and I walk day-by-day in the grip of his grace.”

The Making of Glory Days

Max Lucado came across research that reported nine out of ten Christians do not describe their lives as victorious. As a pastor, Max was disturbed by that statistic and knew he couldn’t stand idly by.

Though the book of Joshua is one of Lucado’s favorite stories, Max said he never looked at the story of Joshua this way: Joshua represents seven years in the story of ancient Israel when they went undefeated as a nation.

“I said, ‘Well, look at these different ends of the spectrum!’ You’ve got 90% of Christians who don’t feel victorious, then here’s the story of ancient Israel in which they were absolutely victorious.”

The stark contrast between Christians today and the story of Joshua led Max Lucado to test the research, and the results were disheartening. Lucado found many people saying they knew they were saved, but they weren’t happy or thriving.

“‘I feel stuck. I feel stalled out,’ seemed to be the vocabulary I was hearing a lot. So we, as a church, took on the book of Joshua, because that’s exactly what the story of Joshua is—the glory days of Israel, moving into the promised land.”

Under Lucado’s teaching, Oak Hills Church studied the book of Joshua. Lucado emphasized the immediacy of glory days in the life of the believer.

“It’s not a matter of changing your circumstances. These days, right now, are glory days. As Christians, we don’t fight for victory; we fight from victory.”

Real Life in the Glory Days

Max Lucado says he saw the big theme of the book of Joshua as the word “inheritance.”

“There are remarkable stories in the book of Joshua that document what happens when a person really lives out of their inheritance. To be honest, I would like to do more of that. And Joshua is a good story to teach me how to do that.”Max Lucado Glory Days Book

“Glory Days: Living Your Promised Land Life Now” is based on Max Lucado’s in-depth study of the book of Joshua.

“The thesis of the book is that no matter where you are, no matter how flat-lined you may feel in your faith, God can move you into a season of glory days. He did it in ancient Israel, and I believe He will do so again.”

Max Lucado’s new book, “Glory Days: Living Your Promised Land Life Now” is available on Amazon and Thomas Nelson. Connect with Max Lucado online at MaxLucado.comFacebook and Twitter @MaxLucado.