At this very moment, when I think about what happened, I get overwhelmed by emotion. Goosebumps, chills, heart pounding, throat constricting, and tear-jerking emotion. It was an amazing display of the power of our God in a special way for the afternoon commuters on Chapman Mountain to witness.

Driving home after work, I found myself lost in thought and planning the evening activities – dinner, cleanup, playtime with kiddos, evening baths, and my husband’s and my addiction to Candy Crush concealed as “bonding time” after the kids go to bed.

Without warning, the truck immediately in front of me lost its back left tire. It was as if the bolts just blew off, because in a matter of seconds, the tire had separated from the truck and sparks were flying from its rim as the driver swerved and managed to bring the vehicle under control.

The truck wasn’t the problem anymore, it was the tire. Gaining momentum, getting faster and bouncing higher, the tire was heading across the median and straight for incoming traffic. I watched in horror as one vehicle after another swerved sharply to dodge the tire heading directly for their windshields.

My eyes were glued – but I didn’t want to look. I just knew that I would witness someone’s death that day. The heavy piece of rubber and metal barreling towards some unlucky and unaware soul just trying to head home to their family – probably caught in the same train of thought that I had been.

My heart, stuck in my throat, silently lifted up one prayer to God over and over again. “Please help. Please help. Please help. Please help.”

As all this was happening, I had slowed down my vehicle, the cars in front of me had kept going as if nothing had happened, the cars behind me were staying there – no one was passing, all watching what was sure to be impending doom.

It was as if the Lord had prepared the path for His miracle, because as I prayed, and I’m sure many others prayed, He began to answer. The tire, careening solidly down the middle of the road onto incoming traffic began to veer back to the right and once again into the median… but I knew that wouldn’t be enough – after all, it was just heading towards the back of the cars in front of me now.

All of a sudden, through the break in traffic – the path that God had prepared – the tire took a 60 degree turn and bounced ferociously into a vacant field, where nothing but weeds and tall grass were its victims. As an Engineering Physics major, I saw NOTHING in the road that would have caused that sudden turn, but as a daughter of Christ, I saw His hand all over it.

Immediately, I wanted to share the event with someone. I wished that I had been quicker on the uptake to record it on my phone – but it all happened to suddenly, and I probably would have caused another accident. So, I called my husband, but the words could barely come out. I was overcome by the greatness and power of my God.

That day, people’s lives were saved – and I stand in grateful awe of my Lord and Savior. However, my mind tends to go to the opposite end of the spectrum at times. What if they hadn’t been saved? What about the other incidents where people pray and demonstrate amazing faith in God only to have their prayers answered in ways they never wanted? What then? Is God still amazing, good, and powerful, even then?

The answer is yes. Our reason for this belief is the Cross where Jesus died. We have been granted to opportunity to live in relationship with the God of all heavens and earth – for eternity. That is the ultimate display of love and God’s goodness. When our prayers, desires, dreams, or expectations go unmet, we must always rest in that fact. God is good all of the time because of the work on the cross. Death has lost its sting and we can trust in His work, His answers, His direction, and His provision – even to the point of death. Why? Because He (and eternal glory) is our ultimate hope.

May we never forget how fleeting this life really is – in the timeline of eternity, it is merely a spec. Let us always have the perspective of ultimate purpose and eternal hope. The real miracles in this life are the heart changes of sinners who grow to desire a relationship with God. The real fulfillment of those miracles is our reward of heaven.

“…to further the faith of God’s elect and their knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness— in the hope of eternal life, which God, who does not lie, promised before the beginning of time, and which now at his appointed season he has brought to light…” Titus 1:1-3