I think my daughter was born with a princess crown on her head.

Since the moment Faith could write, she has passed scripts out to family members and neighbors for the next princess play she created, complete with singing and dance numbers. To describe her as a drama queen would be the understatement of the year.

With that in mind, imagine my thoughts when Faith ran down the stairs one night, telling me that she had had a disturbing dream. I calmed her down and she explained. A lady was pregnant. She was going to die and leave her baby behind. “We have to pray for her, Mom!” Wishing to calm her down, we prayed. I told her to go back to bed; it wasn’t real, it was just a dream. Well, this dream repeated itself almost every night for several months. She just couldn’t shake it. “Mom, we have to pray for this lady and her baby.” She was clearly shaken, and to be honest, so was I.

Thoughts started swirling in my head: Has my daughter lost it? Maybe she is making it all up to get attention. She has been known to exaggerate from time to time. This is probably my fault because everyone warned me my kids would “turn weird” when I started homeschooling them. Could this be God?

Seeking Wise Counsel

I decided that I should probably take this situation to my Bible study group. This group consisted of incredibly wise moms, some of whom had raised their own drama queens to be mentally sane adults without squashing every trace of creativity out of them. These women were wonderfully patient with me and suggested that Faith and I continue praying. The women in my Bible study agreed to pray also. Surely there was a pregnant lady somewhere in the world who could benefit from this prayer. I took comfort in knowing that our prayers would not be for loss, whether Faith had heard from God or not.

Faith’s dreams continued. Over time, the dreams changed and she asked us to pray for the baby because the mother had died. She reminded us to pray before lunch, dinner and sometimes even in the middle of the day. So, following the lead of my Bible study moms, we did just that. We prayed.

Seeing Faith’s insistent face and hearing her prayers reminded me of many Bible stories. Did God not wake Samuel, the prophet, up in the middle of the night speaking to him? Samuel was just a kid at the time, and the Lord used him to speak great things to Eli. I teach my children that the stories of the Bible — Daniel, Jonah, Esther, Joseph — are real people who saw God do extraordinary things in their lives. They are not fairytales. Would I believe He could do big things in the life of my child today?

Around The World We Go

Later that year, I left for Uganda with a team from my church to work with Simon and Aggie Peach who had founded Aggie’s Arts, a ministry dedicated to helping the impoverished people of Uganda. That trip took us almost 8,000 miles away from my home in Alabama. We arrived in Kisoro, right on the Congo/Uganda border. On our first Sunday there, we went to worship at a small church. While there, a woman came forward. She carried a baby, and I listened as the pastor interpreted her words for us. This baby’s mom had died. The woman explained that she had traveled to the village to adopt the little girl as her own and would soon begin the long walk home. She was a believer and had come seeking prayer, as she knew the journey would take great trust in the Father. She had never been to Pastor George’s church before, but she came that day because she had heard this was a place of prayer, and she knew she could use all she could get. This mom wanted her new little girl to be blessed by the Lord and for Him to show His favor on the two of them as they embarked on their journey.

As I heard Pastor George explain her situation, I wondered if this could be the baby for whom Faith had prayed.

Affirmation Came

The woman brought her little baby girl to the platform where I was sitting, and my pastor placed his hands on the baby to pray for her. I felt the Holy Spirit engulf the room, and I knew. There was no doubt in my mind — this was Faith’s baby.
I looked over to one of my Bible study moms who had advised me to just pray many weeks prior and mouthed the words, “This is the baby!” She already knew. The Lord had confirmed it in her heart as well.

That was all I needed — I couldn’t stay in my seat any longer. I rushed over to Pastor George and told him about Faith’s passionate prayers for this baby. He allowed me to share the news with the church about the amazing provision the Lord had already made for this baby. God knew the plans He had for her, plans to help her and not to harm her, to give her a hope and a future. He did not have the life of a typical African orphan in His plan for this child. He had hand picked a godly mother for her.

It was an amazing feeling to be able to lay hands on that baby myself and assure her new mother that the Father has His hands on her as well. She was quite a bit older, the age of a Ugandan grandmother. Clearly, the Lord had moved her to take the long journey past several villages to come to Kisoro for her daughter. Unbeknownst to her, before she ever made that trip, God had already raised up prayer warriors for her on the other side of the world.

The excited, humbling part is this — the mother and church members were not taken aback or shocked by this show of God’s hand. While they were receptive and very encouraged, this was normal for them. They had to trust the Father to provide for them every day. They were already so reliant on Him and were used to seeing Him move in this way. I, on the other hand, in the safety and security of my American life, had once again been reminded that it is God in whom we live, breathe and have our being.

Faith-Filled Faith

As soon as church was over, on the side of a hill in Kisoro, Uganda, I called my faithful drama queen. My family was not quite awake yet, but I remember telling my husband to wake Faith. I had news that was certainly worth a few less minutes of sleep. “Honey, I met your baby! She is here! We got to pray for her and God sent her a new mama!”

Excited and relieved, Faith exclaimed, “I knew it! I just knew it was real, Mom. That’s awesome! I prayed so hard for that baby.”

I still can’t tell this story without tearing up. God used that moment to teach me some valuable lessons as a mama. I need to listen when my kids say God is at work. He does not always work in cookie-cutter ways, and if I am going to follow a God that speaks through donkeys and bushes, I need to remember He can speak through drama queens too.

Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen.” My daughter was true to her name. She had faith to pray for a baby she had never met. I have a lot to learn from her.