Somewhere along the line, Jamie Blaine, author of “Midnight Jesus,” met Vicky. Vicky, through a weird and unfortunate series of events, endured a messy divorce and connected with Jamie who helped her to a second chance. Eventually, she met Kevin, and together they’re helping the homeless in Hayward, California. They call themselves “Misfit Friends of Jesus.”

Vicky: I worked twenty years at a dead-end corporate job then got fired, and my husband left me for a barrel-shaped eBay addict. I figured my life was over anyway, so screw it. I decided to try church and start feeding people on the street. Maybe God would throw me a bone, I figured. Instead, I met Kevin.
Kevin: I was smoking meth and living in a toolshed, and my legs were messed up so bad I could barely walk. This Vicky lady seemed shady at first, but she had some clothes in her trunk, and I was cold. She helped me get off the street, and I agreed to watch her back with the homeless. That’s been three years ago now. I’m still not sure about Vick, and she’s not sure about me, but we watch each other’s back on the streets.
Vicky: We tried one of those official outreach ministry things, but it got all political and fake church-y.
Kevin: So, we’re still handing out stuff from the trunk. Misfit Friends of Jesus.
Vicky: Tryin’ to be.
And there’s more where that came from. We’ll be sharing Vicky’s and Kevin’s stories from the streets with the help of our friend, Jamie Blaine. And if you ever find yourself in Hayward, California and in need of something from Vicky’s trunk, just look for the Misfit Friends Of Jesus.