In the still of the night when no one but me is awake,

When I’m lost in pain’s clutches and my heart just might break.

When doubts plague me and the fear rages within my breast,

When my weary soul wonders if I’ll ever find rest.

I call out to You in the midst of my pain.

I beg for the sunshine instead of the rain.

You are the Master Physician and Healer of men,

Father, I am in need of Your power again.

The enemy presses me on every side,

He wants me to doubt You, but still I abide.

You spread Your mighty wings over me drawing me near.

I’m engraved on Your palms and I know that You’re there.

This life is not easy and was never promised to be,

The hope that I have is that You are walking beside me.

This pain, these trials are being used by You

To teach me compassion and to see things anew.

You too suffered when nailed to that tree

You paid the punishment that was intended for me.

Father help me to trust You when I don’t understand

I know that these trials are a part of Your plan.

One day I will see You face to face,

The first thing that I’ll do is thank You for grace.

I’ll wrap my arms around You and my love I will show,

For in the still of the night, You never let go.