We want to break down barriers to Christian belief and action through powerful stories of grace and truth.


To equip Christians to impact the world through the power of their stories.

How We Reach Our Audience:

Through online mediums, print publications, and speaking, we are building a platform to feature the stories that can be used to reach back to other Christians and encourage, equip, and empower them to take action.

The Shattered Effect:

It’s not just us. So many people – church leaders, organizations, individuals, singers, performers, movie makers, lawyers, doctors, construction workers, teachers, mothers, fathers (you get the point) – are realizing that the rest of the world is not listening to us shouting the Gospel at them.

The Shattered Effect is about getting real. It’s about sharing our stories of where God met us in our mess. It’s sharing how He moves in all circumstances of life and how He does work all things together for good and His glory for those who love Him.