It’s often said the best music is written from the deepest places of the soul. Long, restless nights, painful, shaping moments and life’s struggles are the birthplaces of many melodies.

Queyonoh (pronounced “queena”) is an incredibly gifted gospel artist. In her journey with Jesus, she has learned there is purpose in the pain, where God’s faithfulness has been proved through trials, shattered dreams, leaps of faith and hard questions.

“God really began to reveal His love to me as I struggled to see myself through His eyes,” said Queyonoh.

Hope & Healing

A talented youngster, Queyonoh began singing in elementary school and wrote her first original pieces in middle school. High school brought the difficult experiences of adolescence: low self-esteem, low self-image and moments of depression. The writing process became a healing balm, and it was during these formative teen years that she began to own the faith she had been raised in as a child. She would spend hours playing and writing music, allowing God to cleanse her soul through Scripture as it came alive to her.

“I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember; as a young child it comforted me and calmed my fears. It was a safe place in such an uncertain world.”

Her album, Tears 4 Fears, is the background music for her journey with Jesus. Six long years in the making, Queyonoh has worked faithfully, penning lyrics from the heart and selecting musicians to help record her eclectic and original sound.

Queyonoh embraces music writing with transparency. She shares the ways God has carried her through the struggle. The CD’s title track, “Tears 4 Fears,” was written after a painful divorce, which she considers to be the hardest experience of her life. The unique pain of losing hopes, dreams and a friend was devastating.

“It’s not something I would wish anyone to experience,” said Queyonoh, describing moments so dark she didn’t know how to move. Yet even there she experienced the sweet reality of God’s grace and His ability to enter into pain with us.

Answering a Greater Call

Queyonoh’s parents came to America from Liberia when she was young to flee the war and provide a life of safety and hope for their family. Her father went to trade school to learn air traffic control and worked tremendously hard to provide for their family in this new, unknown, but hopeful country. It wasn’t always easy for her parents to live out their faith, but they trusted in God’s provision, embraced hope, and valued hard work. Her admiration of her parents’ faith instilled a desire at a young age for her to use whatever God put in front of her, though for many years she had no idea how that would take shape.

“My mission is to share the comfort I have found in Jesus through song.” While Queyonoh looks forward to seeing what God will do in her career, it’s not her main focus. She realizes God has called her to so much more than to make music. Several years ago she was introduced to a ministry that cares for orphans from the civil war in Liberia called MyHalo. MyHalo is close to her heart because of the children it serves — those whose parents have been murdered in the war, who without assistance are utterly hopeless.

The founders of MyHalo were refugees who came to the US to raise their children in Florida. As this incredibly courageous couple was fleeing the country, they encountered a rebel who could have killed them but instead showed rare compassion and spared their lives. At that moment they knew God had graciously protected them and had unparalleled gratitude for the opportunity to live.

When the war ended, they felt God calling them to move back to Liberia. The following year, they purchased land and formed a compound to house over 40 children. They are father and mother to children with urgent needs, children who literally have no one else. They provide food, shelter, education, medical attention and job training for the kids. They love them as their own, share the joy found in Jesus, and encourage them to leave the hurt behind and embrace hope. Queyonoh donates a portion of every CD sale to the ministry and has composed MyHalo’s theme song.

Beauty from Ashes

With a heart for singles ministry, Queyonoh is enjoying her growing musical career and sharing songs of hope. This season of life — recording music, growing in and serving God, loving her kids — is a blessing to her.

“A lot of singles expend a lot of energy waiting on a mate to come, but truly, I am enjoying living my best life right now.”

She shares that at times her divorce was so painful she was tempted to believe she would never come out on the other side, live well or be happy again. Even in the midst of great pain, God never abandoned her. What was once so painful is now sweet notes in the music Queyonoh creates.

“God has been so good to me. He’s showed me that even the hardest moments of my life can be used for His glory.”