You stumble onto RansomTeeVee, and you don’t know what you’ve just found. You’re not sure if it’s another social network, since you see all these faces and profile things, or if it’s internet television that is apparently a thing now or what exactly it is. So you scroll down and poke around a bit, and then you get it: stories. Real faces. Real people. Real stories.

The cool thing about RansomTeeVee is that all those faces and stories—ransom notes— are real people from all different backgrounds and ages. Some are young, some are old; some are famous, some are obscure; some have some tough stories, some have some unexpected stories. But they all have one thing in common: Jesus.

Through the stories they share, RansomTeeVee wants you to know Jesus. Jesus is the one who takes our stories and ransoms them and makes them into something more beautiful than we can imagine.

RansomTeeVee’s YouTube channel, where all of their videos are posted as well as on, proclaims the message that hope lives. There is room for hope—room for Jesus—in your ransom note. Tell your story, and reach out to someone who might need to know that hope lives.

Check out Josh Harmony’s story from RansomTeeVee: