Do the laundry – check. Make breakfast and lunches – check. Take shower and get dressed – check. Balance bank accounts – check. Pick up toys – check. Do dishes – check. Feed dogs and cat – check. Wake up kids, feed, dress, and get out the door – check. Drop off kids at daycare – check. Go to work – check. Try to get stuff done at work – check. Groceries, dry cleaning, errands – check. Workout – check. Pick up kids and drive home – check. Unload car – check. Make and eat dinner – check. Do dishes – check. Bathe kids and put to bed – check. Shower – check. Spend time with husband – check. Fall in bed – check.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat…

Ugh! I’m exhausted! Do you ever feel like this? Do you ever feel like your life has been taken over by one huge checklist of to-dos, must dos, can’t dos, and want to dos?

Lately, I have been just overwhelmed with these to-dos of life. It has gotten to the point where I actually caught myself commiserating with the checkout lady at the grocery store that “at least being busy makes the days go by faster!”

Wait! I don’t really feel that way, do I? I don’t want to get to the end of my life and look back saying “well, at least it went by really fast.” No! I want to enjoy every second that God has blessed me with on this earth. I want to enjoy my family, my friends, my Lord, and my blessings with every minute of my life to the fullest extent possible! Can I get there with a checklist? What about with the good Christian kind? You know: daily devotionals – check, prayer time – check, quiet time – check, helps the less fortunate – check, go on mission – check…  Maybe, those are certainly all good things, but maybe the answer is no checklist at all. Maybe it is just a process of listening to different voices in our days – the voice of the spirit and the voices of those we love as opposed to the internal monologue that compels us to just “get it done”.

I have become more and more convinced that there are some things that matter tremendously in this world, and some things that just won’t count in the end. I was in the middle of my nightly routine, bound and determined to get the house cleaned and kids cleaned in a timely manner, when I was interrupted by the sound of my two year old saying “mama, up pease, graw, graw! Pease hep, pease!”  (Loosely translated: “Help me mama, I want to draw with you please.”)  He seemed to shake me out of my ritualistic trance and vault me into the reality that here was my son, one of the great loves of my life, growing up so very fast and asking to just be with me while I was more concerned with getting my checklist done. Ouch!

So, I dropped the dishes in the sink and picked up my baby girl in one arm and sat with Aaron on my lap in the other arm, and we drew pictures, letters, numbers, and shapes to our heart’s content. The time spent with each other was miraculously healing. His whining and tantrums ceased. His face broke out into a radiant smile. He talked with me. I talked with him. We listened to each other. We had fun. We bonded and made memories. I want to live for moments like that.