2013 was a HUGE year for Shattered. We can’t help but feel a bit sappy as we reflect on where God has brought us this past year. Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe it! With the start of a new year, we decided to  join in on the resolution sharing. Some of you may not know that we have FIVE lovely ladies who commit endless energy and sacrifice many hours of sleep to make this magazine happen. Each of these wonderful women has shared a New Years resolution…
– – –
Our Editor in Chief & overall fearless leader, Rachael, has decided to “stop main-lining two pots of coffee before 10 am… Might knock it back to just one.
Our PR and Design whiz, Andrea, is going to “Be more committed and more consistent, including following through with my new S.O.A.P journal yearly Bible study! (A great way to get more out of your daily bible reading – Google it!)
Our Photography boss, Morgan, has decided she’d like to “Get rid of almost all sugar, processed foods, and chemicals. I’m going hippie…but a clean hippie who bathes.
Our Business Development guru, Diane, said “I want to become a better wife and mother (among all the others I need to be “better” at loving). Most especially, this year I want to grow more in becoming who God created and purposed me to be…a woman after His own heart.
And finally, our Managing Editor, Emily, has decided to “Read more, write more, complain less, worry less. Quit saying ‘yes’ to every single thing. Oh and learn to be quiet.”
– – –
So, there you have it. Don’t invite Rachael to coffee, don’t interrupt Andrea’s quiet time, don’t gift Morgan a dozen donuts, don’t distract Diane from her family, and don’t ask Emily to do something she might feel compelled to say ‘yes’ to.  Hahaha! If only resolutions were indeed this easy, right?
What are you resolutions?


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