Those familiar with Shattered are going to notice right away that this issue is a little bit different. I know what you may be saying to yourselves, but let me explain.

When my mom passed away four-and-a-half years ago, God started to call me out on a journey to get up and do something for Him that would impact those who struggle in their faith. And let’s get real…

I think most of us struggle in our faith at one time or another.

As the Shattered Magazine story began to take shape, I took one step of faith after another. In time the story grew as God surrounded me with an amazing team that walks with me to this day. There were some missteps, but the greatest truth in this journey is that a child of God who listens to the voice of the Holy Spirit will move forward, even through those missteps. What He wants to accomplish, He will!

So, take an Apache helicopter pilot, a college graduate with a degree in public relations, a church planting family, a former pastor, a special education teacher, a home-school mom, a photographer, a whole lot of volunteers, and what do you get? Well, a publishing team, of course!

Not quite…

But the good news is that we are getting close! The even-better news is that no matter who you are or what your qualifications are, with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

As God has continued to provide, direct and grow the vision and mission of Shattered Magazine, He has gently (or not quite so gently at times) encouraged us to make some changes. This issue of Shattered and our new website are the beginning of the changes. More is yet to come.

And the more-yet-to-come is something we’re really excited about. We believe that men and women both relate to the message, and we believe that God is going to use Shattered in big ways to reach people with the grace and truth in His Gospel.

We are passionate about connecting with people struggling in the faith or outside of our faith. We believe that there are walls of unbelief being built up all around us, and it’s time that we work effectively and efficiently to come together as The Church and knock down those walls.

With all of our hearts here at Shattered Magazine, we want to see people experience a true and deep relationship with Christ and the life/heart transformation that comes as a result.

Make sure you check out the new website, share us with your friends, and let’s kick this movement into high gear.

Thanks for coming on this incredible journey with us!

Rachael Jackson
CEO and Editor-in-Chief