Here at Shattered we are all about stories; we love hearing and telling peoples’ stories. So when we met XXXChurch and X3Watch — whose mission is to help people tell better stories — we couldn’t help but jump on board. is telling a story that is often left untold: the problems of sex addiction and porn addiction. XXXChurch is committed to helping men and women live and tell better stories by conquering pornography addiction and sex addiction through online resources like X3WorkshopsX3Groups, and X3Watch, an online accountability and monitoring software.

X3Watch — Not Just A Porn Blocker

Let’s be honest. There are plenty of software providers out there that can help you stay safe on the internet. But not all of them are committed to helping you conquer pornography addiction as deeply as X3watch. Not only do they provide the software to keep your family safe from online hazards, but they also offer resources for pornography addiction — like built-in accountability tools and finding communities for recovery.

X3Watch streamlines the process of protecting you and your family from pornography, helping you live and tell a better story. But it’s going to take some work, some awkward conversations, and, as X3Watch puts it, “some showing up and letting people into your mess.” We love that X3Watch isn’t afraid of that tension and hard work of telling better stories.

So we’re linking arms with X3Watch. We’re partnering with them to get the word out about telling better stories. You’ll probably see their ads around our website — this one:

X3 Watch

and this one:

We’re glad to tell the story of X3Watch and excited to be part of what they are doing. Go ahead and check them out, and join the mission of helping people tell better, pornography-free stories.