The Bible Project’s video about the book of Job tells the story of Job, a godly man who loses nearly everything in his life. The story of Job is one of those stories in the Bible that makes us ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” and “Why suffering?”

“He was a super good guy,” The Bible Project co-founder, Tim Mackie says in the illustrated video. But when Job loses everything—his kids, his health, and his fortune—the real questions begin to surface: “Is God Just?” and “Does he run the universe according to justice?” and, the most pressing question of Job’s story, “Why did Job suffer?”

The Bible Project is a unique non-profit that tells the story of the Bible through illustrated animated videos of the books of the Bible and prominent biblical themes. Tim Mackie and Jonathan Collins, co-founders, writers and creative directors for the Bible Project, want to remove the intimidation and confusion from understand the Bible. The Bible Project is all about exploring the full story of the Bible through mediums of video and art. Oh, and all the videos are free.

The Bible Project raises funds for each video so they can keep all videos free.

So far, The Bible Project has produced videos for twelve books of the Bible, and seven videos about major themes in the Bible like Heaven & Earth, the Messiah, and holiness.

The Bible Project Podcast discusses the story of the Bible and biblical themes more in-depth.

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