The Drop Box movie is the powerful story of Pastor Lee Jong-rak, who saves and adopts babies in Seoul, South Korea with a box.

The Drop Box, a documentary, tells the story of Pastor Lee, pastor of Jesus-Loving Union Church, who built a drop box for unwanted babies to be left and cared for as an alternative to abortion or otherwise certain death. Many of the abandoned babies have disabilities such as cerebral palsy or Down syndrome.

Mothers open the drop box from the outside and place their child in the drop box anonymously, without making contact with Pastor Lee, his wife, or small staff at Jusarang Orphanage. The drop box door opens from the outside and the mother places the child in the drop box, often with notes or extra clothes. Once the outside door is closed, an alarm sounds throughout Pastor Lee’s home. He hurries to the drop box to rescue the child and brings the babe into his care. Due to stringent adoption laws in South Korea, Pastor Lee takes in an average of 18 children every month.

Above the drop box on the outside of Pastor Lee’s home is written Psalm 27:10:

“For my father and mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in.”

But Pastor Lee isn’t just running an orphanage or caring for children abandoned in the drop box. He’s adopting them. He is choosing to become their father.

“The reason I decided to become their father was…God has adopted me,” said Pastor Lee.

Pastor Lee has adopted as many as he legally can in addition to his own severely disabled adult son. Now there are twenty children in the Pastor Lee’s home. Some he has adopted, some are waiting to be adopted.

The Drop Box–Saving More Than Babies

Brian Ivie, director of The Drop Box, was significantly impacted by Pastor Lee during the making of the documentary.

“I flew to South Korea to make a movie about saving babies, and I had no idea that God was going to save me. So I became a Christian while making this film.”

Brian’s desire for the film goes beyond raising awareness for orphans in the drop box of Seoul, South Korea. He wants people to know the love of God.

“I want people to know what God’s love is like,” said Brian. “It’s a gritty, I will do anything and give everything for you love, even if you don’t deserve it.”

The Drop Box, supported by Focus on the Family and Kindred Image, released in select theaters for only three days, March 3-5. A portion of each ticket sale goes toward Pastor Lee’s ministry in Seoul, South Korea.

The Drop Box film trailer:

The Drop Boxes Around the World

Pastor Lee isn’t the only one saving babies around the world with a drop box. Baby boxes or baby hatches, are commonly used internationally, but are often run by hospitals or the government. But ministry organizations like Pastor Lee and Door of Hope Children’s Mission in Johannesburg, South Africa take in abandoned babies through a similar box systems and care for each of them until they find forever families.

The Drop Box is more than a story about saving babies; it’s not just an ad-hoc orphanage full of abandoned children. It’s a reminder that God is the one who first loves and adopts, and The Drop Box is one powerful way to show God’s love.