The starting quarterbacks for Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning and Cam Newton, have stories of faith that might surprise you.

Carolina Panthers‘ Cam Newton, after being in a car accident in 2014 that left his lower back with two transverse process fractures, credited God for his survival.

“While I am resting up the thought that keeps flashing in my mind is that GOD IS GOOD and someone has their protective hands on my life shielding me from any danger that may come my way!”

Newton’s Instagram post of his totaled truck and tribute to God’s protection also urged followers to “L1VE life to the fullness everyday,” forgive and love people. With a renewed perspective, Cam said life is too short to not keep those priorities.

Cam Newton, a five-season veteran for the Carolina Panthers, will go head-to-head with another man of faith, Peyton Manning, in Super Bowl 50 this Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos‘ quarterback, Peyton Manning’s story is one of “faith, family, friends, and then football.”

In “Manning,” the book Peyton co-authored with his father, Peyton tells the story of accepting Jesus when he was thirteen, and that now, football can’t be any higher than number four in his life.

Though Peyton Manning‘s on-field actions aren’t quite as overt as Tim Tebow‘s—so far Peyton doesn’t have a verb named for him—Manning says he’s not as vocal about it because he wants his actions to speak louder than his words.

Super Bowl 50 will be Peyton Manning’s fourth Super Bowl appearance since the start of his NFL career in 1998. Peyton Manning spent fourteen years with the Indianapolis Colts as quarterback before moving to play with the Denver Broncos in 2012. Petyon Manning is widely regarded as one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks, and his stats tell all. Even ESPN says Manning has had an impact on the game.

But what may be the most interesting part of this year’s Super Bowl is the collision of Manning’s and Newton’s stories.

Though Manning is a season NFL player and five-time Most Valuable Player recipient, Peyton is endorsing Cam Newton for this year’s NFL MVP award. He says he has no doubt Newton will be this year’s MVP.

Cam Newton graciously responded to the statement, nodding to the wide respect Manning has garnered in his 18-year NFL career.

“Anything The Sheriff says—you can probably ink it in gold.”

The faith stories of Cam Newton and Peyton Manning are refreshing in an era where professional sports figures have been known for domestic violence, animal cruelty, and other misdemeanors.

Which brings us to the most important question of all—who are you pulling for in Super Bowl 50?

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