Six years ago, Rachael Jackson founded Shattered—a storytelling company. And over the last six years, Rachael’s vision has morphed, and the Shattered Media team has grown. But stories remain at Shattered’s heart.

We say all the time that stories are powerful, and that your story matters. And it does.

But we haven’t just told you stories are powerful. We’ve shown you, too. And we want to show you again. Here are just a few excerpts from our stories throughout the last six years of this adventure God has brought our way:

Inspired by Stories

“I found story upon story of people who had been nearly destroyed by the death of a child, a fiancé with cancer, the pain of infertility, sudden homelessness, unexpected divorce—yet on the other side of their dark night, out of their sorrow, they had all found a richer spiritual life. I was inspired by stories…and I found people who work with the hands of Jesus.”

‘My Story Was a Sign’

“She was sitting in a chair, under a tree, writing frantically in a notebook. My heart was drawn to her; I had sat in a park, feeling sad, and writing in my journal that same summer, so I knew she carried something in her heart. She told me she had felt hopeless in her situation, and she had asked God for a sign that it was going to be okay. When she looked up from her writing, I was walking toward her.”

Sharing Stories, Sharing the Gospel

“Amber was different, and something about her drew Samm in. She was a Christian, but she loved and accepted Samm and her LGBT partner as friends without judgment. At a party, Samm dragged Amber into a closet and asked her why she was different from all the other Christians she had met. In the closet, Amber explained the Gospel. It was the first time Samm had heard about Jesus, His death on the cross, how He rose from the dead, and how He died to offer hope to all sinners – and we’re all sinners. Samm went into the closet to meet Jesus for the first time. And she wanted in.”

Real Stories, Real Life, Real People

“She called me yesterday and said she read the entire magazine and loved that it was filled with stories of everyday people who she could relate to.”

Stories Are Not Perfect

“Although Science Mike McHargue’s story isn’t what a quintessential church kid would consider Plan A, it’s more powerful now because of the doubts and questions he’s wrestled with. Now, Science Mike lives in the fulcrum between scientific understanding and the beauty and meaning of faith in God.”

A Story’s Special Power 

“We’re not just computers that process information,” said Lee Strobel. “We have hearts, and I think a story touches both. A story that can touch both the head and the heart has special power.”

Sharing Our Stories is the Antidote for Racism

“Because behind our cultures, our paychecks, our prejudices, are our stories. Because underneath the clothes and the skin and the actions are souls. Human souls. Life. Because all lifeblood runs red. Not black. Not white. Not gay. Not straight. Not rich. Not poor. Red.”

Not Fame, Just Courage

“Those have been stories that have literally changed my life, and changed the trajectory of my life, and it’s not because they’re famous people, it’s just because they had the courage to share their stories.”  – Lecrae on the power of our stories

The Power of Authentic Stories

“We need more Jesus-normal. More conversations and less judgmental gossip. More open arms and less closed circles. More eye-to-eye contact and less recited speeches. More people willing to serve, to be humble and admit they are not perfect either. We are broken and we need healing. When we finally come to the end of ourselves, humbly— that’s where Jesus can begin.”

So, yes, stories are powerful, and your story matters. You never know what might happen when you share it. God uses stories like yours to change lives with the Gospel.

We want to help you share your story. If you have a story you’d like to share with Shattered and our readers, send it to us! We have a team of storytellers ready and waiting to help you tell your story. Your story has the power to break down barriers to Jesus, and we love being part of that process.

Send us your story by emailing us at [email protected] or filling out the form on the Share A Story page.

We believe in the power of storytelling, so we’re building an app— It is a place where you can explore, see and share Jesus in your story, and connect with others who have similar stories. But we ned your help to make it happen. is a safe, love-driven, story-centric, hate-free, judgment-free, ad-free community where real stories and authentic relationships happen.

Because your story matters.