Tim Timmons is on year 15 of a 5-year incurable cancer diagnosis. As he walks through cancer, Tim Timmons continues to write albums and lead worship. In this video about the song “You Remain,” Tim shares the hope he holds onto as he walks through an incurable cancer. But Tim doesn’t give his cancer too much credit for his story.

“My story is not cancer,” Tim says. “My story is the perspective through cancer.”

With tumors on his liver, Tim doesn’t know how much longer his cancer will give him. But he continues making music. Tim Timmons’ latest album, “Awake Our Souls,” released October 2, 2015.

It’s anything but easy, of course, when Tim thinks about how he might never see his kids grow up. Tim says he can be brought to tears at any moment. But the hope Tim Timmons always comes back to is the fact that God remains. God is good, even in cancer.

“In the broken when I’m lost and I’m hurting and in pain, God, I’m going to surrender and I’m going to trust my cancer story to you.”