It broke my heart when I realized the other day what I had actually thought…

“Should I really have her help out with Shattered? I mean, she’s known for having royally screwed-up. Will it hurt the company’s reputation?”

Bam! With a slap in my face, various scenes from my way less-than-holy life ran through my head as God reminded me of all my past mistakes and grandiose sins, along with His lavish forgiveness. The weight of the reality of who we ALL are sunk deep into my heart.

But wait a minute, I know this! Shattered Magazine is based on the premise that we ALL mess up big time. But we can ALL serve a God who loves us mightily and makes us worthy of speaking His name—not because of what we’ve done or who we are, but because of what He’s done and who He is. It’s based on the fact that whatever we mess up, He can and will redeem it for His glory as we tell our stories. We’re not worried about our reputation here, but Jesus Christ’s!

So Get Over It

It was a fleeting thought in my head, the preclusion of someone from Shattered because they had a tainted past. But it reminded me that unfortunately, there is a perception in Christian culture that we have to have it all together, that we need to protect our reputations, that we shouldn’t have major sin struggles. I mean, the fruit we bear is evident of what our heart believes, right? And if we do have sin struggles, then we are in no way qualified to be leading people to Christ, right? After all, wouldn’t that be the very definition of “hypocrite?”

And to that I say, “Get over it.” It doesn’t make us hypocrites to be failures and still share what God has done for us. But it does when we hide our mistakes and then superficially claim what God has done for us. If we’re hiding, then we’re not really sharing the truth of our depravity or the depths of His grace.

We need to know a few things. First, we need God and He wants to fulfill that need. Second, even after we accept Him as Savior we will continue to fight the sin battle until the day we die. But above all, we need to know that we’re no longer prisoners of our sin condemned to hopelessness, perpetual sinning, and eternal suffering. As we grow closer in our relationship to God, born out of extreme gratefulness for His grace and mercy, He will transform our hearts and we will be made new.

So yes, we here at Shattered Magazine are all a bunch of failures—royal screw-ups, even—but lavishly loved and abundantly forgiven. We continue to fail daily, but we are honestly seeking the transformation of our hearts and the glory of God in all things. And isn’t that refreshing?

Join us, won’t you? Let people know how great God truly is! Show them the depths of his love, grace, mercy, power, and promises by sharing your story for His glory.

[Image via Petras Gagilas]