The Voice season 5 contestants had many stories of inspiration and making it despite the odds. “The Voice,” America’s number one singing competition, always comes loaded with talent and stories. However, one story from season 5 stands out in the against-all-odds category.

Brandon Chase isn’t supposed to be here, let alone on “The Voice.” He should have died  64 times. Soon after birth, Brandon began to experience internal bleeding and was rushed to the intensive care unit. There, he quit breathing 64 times and the doctors told his parents to prepare for the worst. His family, strong Christians with a deep faith in God, were unwilling to accept that fate. Lifting up their voice in prayer for a miracle, the family watched as God proved all of the doctors wrong.

Over a month and a half, baby Brandon defied all odds and broke through all expectations — a trait he carried with him onto “The Voice” season 5. After hearing his story, Blake Shelton exclaimed “Now this kid is a miracle!” Excited to have been one of the contestants on Team Blake last season, Brandon considers himself blessed to have been introduced to the country music world by Blake Shelton. However, it hasn’t been an easy road. He has poured everything he has, including all of his financial resources, into the process of reaching for his music dreams. It isn’t for the faint of heart. After becoming a true born again Christian at the age of 13, he knows what it means to rely on God and see Him come through in every season. Brandon Chase has watched at every turn how God has faithfully provided for him in every way imaginable to see his music calling become a reality.

Now, at 20 years old, “The Voice” season 5 contestant has released his debut single “One” on Country radio and receiving a great response. But that’s not all. Brandon Chase is driven, ambitious, and passionate about Christ and his purpose on this earth. After graduating high school at 15 and college at 17 (to which Carson Daly, host of the popular singing competition, humorously pointed out makes him over qualified to be a musician), Brandon has pursued his calling in music with abandon. Having a strong relationship with Christ and a killer voice, one might think that Brandon should have been called into the Christian music arena. Rather, Brandon finds himself on a “covert mission sent on by Christ.” He feels Jesus is simply telling him to, “Be. Act like I would act. Be like I would be. Do what I would do. I will use you.”

People can’t help but notice a difference in Brandon Chase. He gets responses from all kinds of people after they listen to his music or experience interactions with him in life. There is just something different about him. Even on “The Voice,” Brandon found himself with numerous opportunities to talk with other contestants who came from different backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles. He knew that it was up to him to be a light for others — an opportunity to lift people up and encourage them. And they took notice. A lot of people offstage just couldn’t believe what a stranger would do to love on them and really care about them. It was a meaningful voice of what Christ has done for them without being too in your face.

So, what is Brandon Chase’s game plan for maintaining a strong Christian presence in a tough industry, surrounded by secular influences? The people he surrounds himself with. Brandon’s parents — his incredible life-long support team; his mentors and friends — will always be a voice in his life, providing sound, biblical advice. And of course, maintaining and growing in his own relationship with Jesus. It can be too easy to get trapped in the bright lights and flashing signs of this world, and I for one, am cheering Brandon on. We need more “covert operatives” in life. As Christians, we need to get out of our holy huddles at times and really reach out to a world who might never step foot into a church building.

And that’s what Brandon Chase is doing.

Still breathing.