Your sister-in-law casually tells a funny story that makes you look like an idiot. Your friend at work promised to check over the expense report, but never did. A buddy at church never seems to get around to reimbursing you. Your boss speaks down to you, as if you were an ugly little dog…

Disappointment is everywhere. Life is messy; people we believe in let us—or throw us—down. The easy reaction is the natural one: rage, spewing hateful words, or getting even.

But it should be different for the people of God. There is power at the Throne of Grace.

A Heavenly Experience

The Throne of Grace is mentioned throughout the Scriptures, but Isaiah actually saw it. He said, “I saw the Lord. He was sitting on a  lofty throne, and the train of his robe filled the temple” (Isaiah 6:1). This throne sits in a room that probably looked like what the temple in Jerusalem did, merely a copy of the true one in Heaven.

Imagine with me what that throne room might look like. We enter, brushing past torn linen curtains of blue, purple, and scarlet. We walk across cool tiles of polished blue lapis. The golden lampstands are lit and their light dances across warm walls. A large throne, inscribed with the word “grace,” sits in the center of the room. The strong smell of incense hangs in the air, already heavy with awe and reverence.

Though we have no right to enter because of our sin, we have been invited. Jesus has opened up a new and living way. God invites us to come here—the throne of grace—boldly and often. The door stands open for believers at all times and in all situations.

There’s Grace for That 

It’s a lofty cerebral concept, this throne of grace. We cannot physically see it; we can only read about it (Hebrews 4:16). Yet God has given this word picture to help us understand the place from which we get power in the time of need. Whatever the situation—there is grace for that!

Here are a few times when I found grace there:

The time I helped someone and then they sued me.

My husband had an employee that could not sleep at night due to badly infected teeth. So we sent him to our dentist and paid his bills. Later, he walked off the job and sued us. Forgiveness takes grace, and continuing to give after being burned takes even more.

The time my friend seemed bent on competing with me.

She saw our association as an ongoing contest, and she competed in every category. From what she would buy or wear to our kids test scores, she always tried to outdo me. And naturally, I got sucked into this weird little game. Grace helps us step out of the contest and love beyond it.

The time I had three children under three.

Yes, I did. I had twins just after my daughter turned two. It was a time of desperation, but by His grace, God used it to mature me spiritually. He sent an aunt who came for the “night shift” several nights a week until the twins got on a schedule. He provided great help from my parents and in-laws, and though I was vastly overwhelmed, God gave me grace to persevere.

The time my daughter’s front teeth were knocked out just before jaw surgery.

A stray elbow busted out her teeth while cheerleading, just before extensive jaw surgery. I was pale and dizzy as I rushed her to the dentist and even my own mouth began to throb in sympathy. The injury postponed and complicated the surgery for over a year. I made many trips to the throne of grace that year. I learned that waiting takes grace, and that patience is a product grace—not a product of me!

The time my friend promised to pick me up from the airport but then didn’t.

We had been out of the country and hadn’t seen our babies in over a week. My friend had offered to give us a ride home, but no one was there when we arrived. After many weary hours of flight, I sat tearfully on an airport bench and waited for a friend who never came. Grace enables us to look past the failures of others; it helps us keep a relationship through storms of disappointment.

God offers grace for everyday life, but in order to receive it we must go to Him and ask. Coming to the throne of grace is as simple as sinking to your knees on a  messy kitchen floor, asking God to help you be a better mother. It’s bowing in your office asking for the grace to help you act like Jesus instead of like you.

It’s a daily—sometimes hourly—trip, but one we must make. There is an ocean of power waiting for us at the beautiful throne of grace.

[Image via Lee Scott/Unsplash]